Handsome Siblings(Movie)[1992]
《Handsome Siblings》(Movie)[1992]
Handsome Siblings(Movie)[1992]

Handsome Siblings (Movie)[1992]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: Nov. 12,1992(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Martial arts | Costume

《Handsome Siblings》Episodes

In the late Tang Dynasty, social unrest was unsettling. The top ten martial law arms of the armed forces agreed to elect a Martyr justice every 18 years at the congress of reward and punishment. This time, Yi HuaGongZhu (played), who will break into the evil houses and kill the ten evil men, will be chosen this time. Yan NanTian (played) and his son Xiao YuEr (played) suddenly stopped and the couple turned upside down. Palace Lord defeated one move, set a 18 years later, a mission to kill alliance of the Covenant. Yan NanTian was severely wounded, ten bad thanks to their life-saving grace, raising Xiao YuEr into the world's most evil people. The palace adopted Hua WuQue (played) granted its martial arts, because of hate the world men, her male body dress. 18 years later, ten wicked people, Li DaZui (played), Tu JiaoJiao (played), ordered Xiao YuEr and others to join the reward and punishment convention in order to win the title of leader. He met Hua WuQue in the city. Near the contest day, many Wulin people were stung; Xiao YuEr was Jiang BieHe (played) Jiang YuLang (played) father and son debunked by the pack, a martial arts storm broke out immediately.

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