Hua Mu Lan(Movie)[1964]
《Hua Mu Lan》(Movie)[1964]
Hua Mu Lan(Movie)[1964]

Hua Mu Lan (Movie)[1964]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 1964
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Love | Music | War

《Hua Mu Lan》Episodes

North Turks invaded the Central Plains, the court conscription battle, Hua Hu received a book to go to the front line combat, filial daughter Hua MuLan sense of father old and sick, trying to persuade her parents let her disguise as men, on behalf of the father army. Mulancai cousin Hua Ming went to the battlefield, with high-strength martial arts repeatedly meritorious service, and later promoted to general, and general Li Guang work together to establish a deep friendship. Magnolia has become a close friend of Li Guang since joining the army. Li Guang is very attentive to Magnolia. Magnolia has always been a secret, but Li Guang does not know that Magnolia is a daughter, so she treats her only as a friend. Mulan from home march twelve years, still fighting the Turks. One night, Mulan saw a group of crows flew from the Turks. They knew that the Turks would attack and immediately reported to He YuanShuai. Turks really struck that night, fortunately, Song Jun had preparedness, Turkic officers and men killed a piece of film A does not leave more than Mulan lifetime capture Tu JueWang. Mulan dear, He YuanShuai overjoyed, want to daughter with Mulan, Mulan defeat, request to return home affairs pro. Miao Lan Li Guang before leaving to imply willing to care for life, but Li Guang unknown a love affair. Later, Li Guang Feng Shuo sent handsome gifts to Mulan home, began to know Mulan for the hairpin skirt, two hi into a good couple.

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