《Yitiantulongjizhimojiaojiaozhu》 Movie Character Relationships

《Yitiantulongjizhimojiaojiaozhu》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Yitiantulongjizhimojiaojiaozhu》Character Relationships:

《Yitiantulongjizhimojiaojiaozhu》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Zhang WuJi

Zhang CuiShan and son of Yin SuSu, Golden Lion Lion X Xun. Born in Iceland after Fire Island set foot in the earth in the "Xuanmiao God Palm" cold poisoning critically ill, after the sickness in the Butterfly Valley learning in the Kunlun Fairy Valley everywhere. 20-year-old light battle top six major faction masters. Weak Champion served as a leader of the Ming religion, unity of the Ming religion. Led to teach teach millions of people, to save Zhang SanFeng, save Xie Xun, Chuang Chuang magic circle, ordered the masses to resist the yuan army.

Zhou ZhiRuo

The daughter of the Hanjiang boatman, whose father was killed by a soldier when he was young, was rescued by Zhang SanFeng, met with a young boy Zhang WuJi in a Han boat and fed Zhang WuJi with grace, then sent to Emei School. Zhang WuJi reunite with each other after adultery, and after a marriage contract. Zhao Min marriage to Xie Xun hair threatened to make the wedding change, Zhou ZhiRuo and Zhang WuJi then split back to Emei concentrate on learning martial arts, bent on completing the Master's wishful dream Emei.

Xiao Zhao

Purple Dragon King Dai-Si silk and Korean Chiba's daughter. Mother's life as an ugly appearance mixed into the light top, steal the universe move Norwegian heart. Zhang WuJi's upbringing in front of Yang Regret caused Xiao Zhao to be grateful for heart, fell in love with Zhang WuJi and be willing to be his niece and complain about Zhang WuJi without regret.

Zhang CuiShan

Wudang sent one of the seven wizards, Zhang WuJi's father, Eagle taught Ziwei Tang Yin SuSu's husband, the Ming dynasty King Shaw Lion King Xuan Xun's righteous brother, in order not to disclose the location of Xie Xun and Tulong Dao, Was forced by the six major sects, suicide in the Wudang school.

Yin SuSu

The wife of Baiyanyingwang, the wife of Baiyanyingwang, the wife of Wudang Sagittarius Zhang CuiShan, the mother of Zhang WuJi, and Xie Xun, one of the four kingdoms of the Ming emperor, became brothers in an attempt to avoid revealing the whereabouts of Xie Xun and the dragon knife , Was forced by the six major sects, committed suicide in the Wudang school.

Xie Xun

One of the four great Dharma kings of the Ming dynasty, who owns the martial arts Supreme Sword, the brother-in-law of Zhang CuiShan and Yin SuSu, and the foster father of Zhang WuJi. Her life was cheated by Master Cheng Kun, was infamy, was locked in the Shaolin Temple Vajra magic circle, after being rescued by Zhang WuJi, converted to Buddhism.

Zhang SanFeng

No introduction

Song QingShu

No introduction

Lu ZhangKe

No introduction

He BiWeng

No introduction

Wei YiXiao

No introduction

Huashan two old one

No introduction

Mie JueShiTai

No introduction

Zhu YuanZhang

No introduction

Jia ShaoLinSengRen

No introduction

Cheng Kun

No introduction

Huo GongTouTuo

No introduction

Yuan Yin

No introduction

Bai MeiYingWang

No introduction

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