The First Option(Movie)[1996]
《The First Option》(Movie)[1996]
The First Option(Movie)[1996]

The First Option (Movie)[1996]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese | English | Thai
Stars: Release data: 1996
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Plot | Action

《The First Option》Episodes

Gigi Leung, the customs inspector, recently received news that a large amount of drugs were about to arrive in Hong Kong. She was determined to investigate the case but was defeated by the strong firepower of drug dealers "after the ice." Flying tiger captain Michael Wong (Michael Wong (actor) ornaments) led the members stationed in the Customs and Excise Department, Wang Dong is admitted frankly that the drug dealer is not an opponent, which makes Minnie very angry. Minnie mustered enough to break the case, but his opponent sinister cunning ruthless, Minnie led the team repeatedly suffered heavy losses, Minnie's reckless move boss so much dissatisfaction, but all this is in the eyes of Wang Dong was right Her courage and perseverance are very admirable, with the help of the Flying Tigers, the people broke through the drug dealer hiding warehouse, but was ambushed by another wave of mysterious man, the Flying Tigers has always been invincible hit.

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