《Xiandaihaoxiazhuan》 Movie Character Relationships

《Xiandaihaoxiazhuan》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Xiandaihaoxiazhuan》Character Relationships:

《Xiandaihaoxiazhuan》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Dong Dong

Female Flying Man, who has rescued rivers and lakes peacefully teach the godson, due to the nuclear explosion caused by the scarcity of water led to an increasingly tense relationship between husband and wife. After her husband died, he was also jailed for injustice. In order to find out the truth, he decided to rediscover Lady Van and then fight for justice.

Chen Qi

Catching fast, what can be done for the money, but the most let it go is the heart of justice. Being used by Jun Zhang and killed by Chang Kong and Liu Qi Wen, Dong Dong and Chen San did not understand the truth, and Dong Dong, a daughter of Chen San and finally Dong Dong, finally found a clean source of water.

Chen San

In the water shortage caused by the nuclear explosions, social workers, also known as Qing Qing and Xin Jing, wanted Dong Dong and Chen San to make a contribution to the society. However, neither of them agreed to know Zong Tong in danger Jin XianSheng conspiracy was killed.

Liu QiWen

Police chief, the scarcity of water leads to more conflicts between the public and the government. A press conference was held to mediate the rally in which the rally was held. However, it was killed when the killer took the opportunity to kill Chang Kong and was accused of killing Chang Kong by Zhang Jian.

Chang Kong

Beggar, by Jin XianSheng held the people's anti-government spiritual leader. When Chang Kong found his plot to reveal Jin XianSheng's plot at a press conference, Jin XianSheng used the hand of Chen Qi to kill him while he was a reporter.

Jun Zhang

Jun Qi, who used Chen Qi to capture the murderer of rally and accused Liu QiWen of murdering him after being accused of murdering Chang Kong at a press conference. After killing Liu, Dong Dong was arrested and jailed, and Jin XianSheng conspiracy to kill Zong Tong ruled the world.

A Hao

No introduction

Jin XianSheng

No introduction

Zong TongZhuLi

No introduction

Zong Tong

No introduction

Lu Ren

No introduction

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