Oigwanyuemung (Movie)[2001]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 2001
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love


Liu NanSheng - Social dance teacher, gentle, handsome, extraordinarier in dancing and more friendly. A set of dance philosophy, so many students from pick up self-confidence. In this era of lack of confidence, Nansheng is simply a bitter sea of ​​light, a generation of mentors, but only live on the stage. When he took off his ornate camouflage, he was a mean person, and when all his students were like sheep's stock, he did his best to trick him. Many years later, he even deceived himself unconsciously and gradually forgotten the meaning of dance and even his own meaning in life until the day when Nan Sheng met A Jin. A Jin - To a hotel waitress, honest because of mediocre, practical because of inferiority. Having just started her thirties and spent thirty years in a dull and painful life, A Jin never complained because A Jin had always felt that he had the privilege of living in a jungle place in Hong Kong with his own qualifications. In fact, A Jin never found that their strengths: Lotte knowledgable, hardworking. Once, Nansheng was invited to attend the party dance party, to catch up with the chairman of the Galaxy Group, glamorous and yet enchanting style of ladies Tina, prom, A Jin was attracted by the elegance of Nansheng. The next day, A Jin came to Nanxun to teach "Dance of the Forest" to learn to dance. Unexpectedly, Nam Sang was only when he was a "goat" taking advantage of cheating. A Jin was deeply infatuated with the charm of Nansheng. Mind, while hard training precisely, while desperate to do part-time job to make money to pay tuition in exchange for this dream generally ethereal uncoordinated fairy tales. In the meantime, NanSheng began teaching Tina tangos for his desperate unscrupulous raise to buy his dream studio and his visit to Blackpool in the UK to be Tina's brother Jimmy. During the period, A Jin, though unable to learn the real dance, formed a profound friendship with a group of dancers in the dance studio. While South Side strong face laughter taught by Tina suffer from their art life lost sense of direction torture. A Jin Efforts to let NanSheng regain the joy and all the dancers carefully planned a barbecue party. The joy of party between everyone not only touched the South also deeply infected with Tina. Tina is no longer lonely to express their willingness to integrate with everyone, not only take the initiative to take classes with everyone, the Nanxun private tango teach no reservations to teach A Jin, is sparing no expense to buy a dance studio And South Health, South Health is quite grateful. However, at Tina's prom, Nanxun returned to the former indifferent attitude by changing the beloved "dancer soul shoe" of NanSheng without authorization, but rather kind-hearted A Jin was sent after the ball The shoes, so that Nan Sang feel Actually A Jin is really like and respect his dance art and treats him as a real star as a woman admired. After a night of pause, Nansheng decided to apologize to Tina, and together with her classmates, send Tina a beautiful dresses, a Christmas party to surprise A Jin, and an affectionate Tango that Ajin dreamed of.

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