Comrades: Almosta Love Story(Movie)[1996]
《Comrades: Almosta Love Story》(Movie)[1996]
Comrades: Almosta Love Story(Movie)[1996]

Comrades: Almosta Love Story (Movie)[1996]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese | Mandarin | English
Stars: Release data: 1996
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Love

《Comrades: Almosta Love Story》Episodes

March 1, 1986, Li XiaoJun (ornaments) bid farewell to his girlfriend Fang XiaoTing (ornaments), a man came from Tianjin to Hong Kong. His greatest ideal is to earn money Xiaoting then married. In Hong Kong, he met Li Qiao, a man working at McDonald's. Two lonely people finally became friends. Occasionally, they found each other very much like Teresa Teng's song. Until one day, they find that they are not the ideal place to come to Hong Kong. So they broke up. Xiao-Ting Li finally became Mrs Li, Li Qiao also followed the mixed triad Leopard brother (ornaments). The days seem to continue like this, but they finally find themselves deeply in love with each other. The next incident (the accidental death of Leopard) brought the two men together again, on May 8, 1995, in front of the window of a New York Chinatown shop where they watched the death of Teresa Teng. When the four eyes were opposite, the ear came in the same song they sing together in Hong Kong.

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