Eighteen Springs(Movie)[1997]
《Eighteen Springs》(Movie)[1997]

《Eighteen Springs》Cast

Shen ShiJun Leon Lai Play)

A son from a wealthy family, fell in love with Manzhen but confided to Man Lu's words and the oppression of the family eventually married cousin wife. Fearless personality weakness, not rational, leading to their own tragedy.

Leon Lai

Leon Lai-ming, BBS, MH (born 11 December 1966) is a Chinese-born Hong Kong actor and Cantopop singer. He is one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of Hong Kong. He uses the stage name "Li Ming" or "Lai Ming" which literally means "dawn."

Gu ManZhen Chien-lien Wu Play)

Since my sister Man Lu went out to work, she was able to live a more comfortable life with her two young ladies, so she was gentle and kind. After being raped by Zhu HongCai she still dared to resist and live alone with her children, reflecting her feminine determination.

Chien-lien Wu

Jacklyn Wu Chien-lien (born 3 July 1968) is a Taiwanese actress and singer who started her career in Hong Kong. She is best known to Western audiences for her role in Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman (1994), where she played the second of three sisters. She started her acting career when Johnnie To cast her opposite Andy Lau in A Moment of Romance (1990).

Gu ManLu Anita Mui Play)

As a young man, he took on the heavy responsibilities of the family and experienced vicissitudes of life. Married as a woman for the so-called family to sell their own sister, she has its own side of selfishness, but also have their own helpless side, and eventually passed away in the guilt.

Anita Mui

Anita Mui Yim-fong (Chinese: 梅艷芳; Jyutping: Mui4 Jim6 Fong1; 10 October 1963 – 30 December 2003) was a Hong Kong singer and actress making major contributions to the Cantopop music scene and receiving numerous awards and honours. She remained an idol throughout most of her career, and was generally regarded as a Cantopop diva.

Zhu HongCai You Ge Play)

A typical businessman, Lee forgotten. Unscrupulous man.

You Ge

Ge You, born in Beijing on April 19, 1957, is an actor in mainland China and an actor at the national level. In 1979 admitted to the All-China Federation of Trade Unions art troupe. In 1985, starred in the debut movie "Summer and her fiancé". In 1992, won the 10th China Golden Eagle Award for Best Actor for playing the corner of Li Dongbao in the TV series "The Story of the Editorial Department." In 1993, by virtue of the movie "Big Sanshou" won the 13th China Golden Rooster Award for best actor movie. In 1994, with the film "Alive" won the 47th Cannes International Film Festival Award for Best Actor, becoming the first Chinese actor to receive this award. In 1997, Feng Xiaogang's New Year's film "Party A and Party B" played the corner of Yao Yuan. 1998, 2002, 2004 won the Best Film Award for Best Actor Award. In 2006, starring in the movie "Banquet." In 2008, in Feng Xiaogang's film "If You Are the One" plays Qin Fen. August 2011, with "Orphan" won the 14th China Film Awards Best Actor Award, signed in December EEG. December 19, 2013, Ge You starring in the New Year comedy movie "private custom" in the country. December 16, 2016, starring in the drama "The Death of the Romance" was released.

More Eighteen Springs Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Wang Zhiwen Zhang YuJin First love Gu ManLu, and later pursued its sister Manzhen.
Huang Lei Xu ShuHui No introduction
Annie Wu Shi CuiZhi No introduction
Changwei Liu Fang YiPeng No introduction
Chen Qi Man ZhenZuMu No introduction
Wu Yunfang Man ZhenMuQin No introduction
Zhang Yindi Shi JunMuQin No introduction
Lian Duan Shu HuiFuQin No introduction
Manfang Zhu Shu HuiMuQin No introduction
Zhu Yaying Da Sao No introduction
Jing Lv Wen Xian No introduction
(None) Shi JunFuQin No introduction
(None) A Bao No introduction

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