Eighteen Springs(Movie)[1997]
《Eighteen Springs》(Movie)[1997]
Eighteen Springs(Movie)[1997]

Eighteen Springs (Movie)[1997]

Area: Hong Kong | Mainland China Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: Sep. 12,1997(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Love

《Eighteen Springs》Episodes

In the 1930s Shanghai, introverted Shen ShiJun (Leon Lai ornaments) and Gu Manzhen (Jacklyn Wu ornaments) working in the same factory, two people have feelings. Manzhen lost his father in his early years, family life by sister Mary Lu dancer to maintain. Zhang YuJin (Wang Zhiwen) first fell in love with Gu ManLu (Anita Mui), and later pursued her sister Manzhen. Later, Man Lu fled his lover again, became a prostitute, and eventually married a speculator with a husband of Zhu HongCai (Ge You). Shijun's mother married him and his cousin Shi CuiZhi married, Shijun but she did not like. Tsui Shikai crush but Shijun cousin Xu ShuHui (Huang Lei ornaments). In order to preserve their own status, can not give birth to Man Lu to set up a trap so Manzhen be I wish rape. Man Lu small post-production, asked Manzhen to accompany her, the same night, drunk Hung just to Manjing tarnished, Man Lu attempted to persuade Manzhen to marry Hong aunt wife, but also to Man-chin under house arrest. Manzhen sister, brother-in-law gave birth to a son, ruined his own love affair. Shijun lost Manzheng and his father died again, getting married to the wealthy Annie Wu (actress) under the arrangements of his family. When Manzhen finally gave birth to a child in the hospital, she finally found a chance to escape. She immediately went to inquire about Shijun and later learned that he was married and did not find Shijun. After her sister died, she married Zhu HongCai. Ten years later, Shijun and Manzhen reunion, Shijun hope to re-love, Manzhen said the situation no longer, we can not go back.

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