New Cross Street(Movie)[2001]
《New Cross Street》(Movie)[2001]
New Cross Street(Movie)[2001]

New Cross Street (Movie)[2001]

Area: Taiwan | Mainland China Language: English | Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2001
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama

《New Cross Street》Episodes

Yang Shao (Rene Liu) is a successful career designer in the United States for many years. New York lawyer Steve (Allan Hick ornaments) has been dumped by her talent. His father passed away, Yang Shao went back to Shanghai to funeral, Zhao Zhao (Zhao Jin), who met Lao Zhao's son, gave a lot of help to the unfamiliar Yang Shao Zhao Ming, and Yang Shao was very grateful. Zhao Ming and friend Huang Mao are ready to open a new casino. Yang Shao's mother's ancestral home is in a good location, but Yang Shao wants to sell her home and return to the United States. Yang Ling's daughter, Ling Ling (黄奕 饰), was Zhao Ming's girlfriend who helped Yang Shao go abroad to help her go abroad. At this time Steve made a special trip to fly across the ocean, and Yang Shao's mind has been occupied by Zhao Ming , She is in a new "cross street" ......

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