July Rhapsody(Movie)[2002]
《July Rhapsody》(Movie)[2002]
July Rhapsody(Movie)[2002]

July Rhapsody (Movie)[2002]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: Mar. 14,2002(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama

《July Rhapsody》Episodes

Lin YaoGuo (ornaments) is a secondary school Chinese teacher. When he was a famous genius in school, and now see those who fly, free to play golf college students, his heart is difficult to say the taste. This sense of loss, only he can understand. Lin Yao Guo, a 40-year-old who felt ashamed of himself, was fascinating in the eyes of his student Hu CaiLan, who fell in love with him and became known throughout the school. Like other normal teachers, Yew King avoided her troubles as much as she could, but I am afraid that excessive avoidance would have an impact on the blue-colored heart, and the blue-colored looks beautiful and sentimental. A young man appeared in Chen Weng-jing's wife shadow. Originally plain life fairly happy, blue love Lin Yiu feel pressure and uncomfortable, and in the late cancer of the end of Sheng LaoShi (decoration) back, but also made his calm life waves. Wen Jing fell in love with Sheng LaoShi, and the eldest son of Lin YaoGuo An Ran (ornaments) is also the father of Sheng LaoShi. When Wen Jing was pregnant, Sheng LaoShi ran away from his head. This talented but weak teacher has always been a hidden danger of Yao State and Wen Jing. Even worse, Wen Jing actually asked Yao country for a month off. This wise and responsible wife, to use her own way to solve the troubled her demons. Sympathy, insecurity and anger alternately tormented the country. Academic pressure, middle-aged troubled by these kinds of factors so that the temptation of the color blue double attracted him. In the face of this scene, a 40-year-old man what choice to do, the plight of middle-aged man was born.

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