The Last Emperor(Movie)[1987]
《The Last Emperor》(Movie)[1987]
The Last Emperor(Movie)[1987]

The Last Emperor (Movie)[1987]

Area: Italy | China | UK | France Language: English | Mandarin | Japan | Russian
Stars: Release data: Oct. 23,1987(Italy)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Plot | Biography | History

《The Last Emperor》Episodes

In 1950, under the watchfulness of the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army, the last Emperor of China, Aixinjueluo Puyi, with the prisoners walked down a row of boring cans onto the platform. Pu Yi into the bathroom, cut the blood vessels with a blade. The push of the director of the war criminals management shouted Puyi back to 42 years ago. At that time, he was less than three years old, according to the Yi purpose, into the palace ascended the throne, became the emperor Xuantong. Pu Yi grew up in the only environment I alone, lack of discipline and loneliness. After that, he was abolished. In 1922, Pu Yi married, Queen Wan Rong, Shu Fei Wen Xiu. In 1924, Pu Yi, who had a dream of restoration, was driven out of the Forbidden City and made a funeral to Tianjin. In 1934, Japan annexed the northeast of China and helped Pu Yi as an emperor, although he was only a "child emperor" affiliated to the Japanese Kwantung Army. In 1945, sent troops to the northeast, Pu Yi became a prisoner of the Soviet Red Army. Pu Yi escort home on his way to commit suicide, into the war criminals management. He learned to live, learned to dissect his own thoughts, and changed the way of thinking of the only one. In 1959, Pu Yi was returned to Beijing amnesty, as a citizen, living the same life and ordinary people. In 1967, during the Cultural Revolution, risking his life, he stood up and defended the director of management of the year. In the same year, died due to illness.

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