The Wizard of Oz(Movie)[1939]
《The Wizard of Oz》(Movie)[1939]
The Wizard of Oz(Movie)[1939]

The Wizard of Oz (Movie)[1939]

Area: United States Language: English
Stars: Release data: Aug. 25,1939(America)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Song and dance | Fantasy | Adventure

《The Wizard of Oz》Episodes

Beautiful and kind little girl Tao LeQian and uncle Henri, Aunt Em lived in a farm in Kansas, Tao LeQian's puppy "Toto" always bit after biting Dorian's cat, in order not to let his dog Took away by the police and Tao LeQian decided to leave with the puppy Toto for the time being, just as they left, but was attacked by a mighty tornado and Tao LeQian, who had no time to hide in the cave, was caught up with his uncle's house In the air, I did not expect that they were blown to another country by this unexpected tornado and started a fantastic journey. The tornado brought Tao LeQian to the dwarf kingdom named Ozzy. The falling wooden house happened to have killed the Eastern Witch who inflicted damage on the dwarf country. Tao LeQian also got the witch's ruby ​​shoes. They were bent on finding their way home, and the dwarves told her that only the magician of Emerald City could help her find her way back home. Tao LeQian decided to seek the help of the magician. On the way to Emerald City, Tao LeQian met Dao CaoRen, a mindless man, a tin man who lacked heart, and Shi Zi who looked for courage and courage. They decided to go together and go to Emerald City to seek the help of magician. They were on their way to find Obstacles to the witch's sister, breaking through the obstacles they finally came to Emerald City. But they found that the magical magician is nothing but a magician who is also torn by a tornado, and has no magic at all. Just as they were disappointed, the magician made them realize their wishes one by one in an unexpected way. Dorothy finally returned to her aunt and uncle.

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