Saviourofthe Soul(Movie)[1991]
《Saviourofthe Soul》(Movie)[1991]

《Saviourofthe Soul》Cast

Yao MeiHui Anita Mui Play)

Jun sister of the United States, has been committed to the invention, created a lot of jokes.

Anita Mui

Anita Mui Yim-fong (Chinese: 梅艷芳; Jyutping: Mui4 Jim6 Fong1; 10 October 1963 – 30 December 2003) was a Hong Kong singer and actress making major contributions to the Cantopop music scene and receiving numerous awards and honours. She remained an idol throughout most of her career, and was generally regarded as a Cantopop diva.

Cheng Ge/QinGe Andy Lau Play)

City mercenaries, love the United States has been afraid to express the United States, the death of the village finally show beauty to the United States, regrettable that the United States Jun fear he tired, bluntly refused and left. Has never given up looking for the United States Jun, with the United States finally defeated Yin Hu, wandering horizon.

Andy Lau

Andy Lau Tak-wah, BBS, MH, JP (Chinese: 劉德華, born 27 September 1961) is a Hong Kong actor, singer, lyricist and film producer. He has been one of Hong Kong's most commercially successful film actors since the mid-1980s, performing in more than 160 films while maintaining a successful singing career at the same time. In the 1990s, Lau was branded by the media as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop.

Yin Hu Aaron Kwok Play)

To avenge Master's revenge for the United States Jun, and finally died in the hands of brother and the United States to kill the hand.

Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok (Aaron Kwok), born on October 26, 1965 in Hong Kong, China, singer, actress, dancer and singer-songwriter. In 1984 admitted to Hongkong TVB dance training class, in 1990 Guang Yang motorcycle advertising popular in Taiwan, the same year released his debut album "Love you endless" opened his music stage career, have since launched "I was not quiet Walk away "" Wild City "" para para sakura "" Move up "and other songs, to establish its stage singer style, has won three Hong Kong Top Ten Songs most popular singer star award, 2005 became the first to obtain "Hong Kong Dance Awards" artist. 2008 Dance Forest Masters concert 450 ° rotating stage into the Guinness Book of World Records. After 2000, Aaron Kwok shifted his focus to the big screen. In 2001, he starred in "Romantic Cherry Blossoms". In 2005 and 2006, he won the best actor in Taiwan Golden Horse Awards for two years with the gangster film "Sanchakou" and the drama "Father and Son" In 2006, he won the best actor of Changchun Film Festival in China with the movie "Three Forks". In 2013, he won the best actor of Vanguard International Chinese Film Festival with the film "National Witness". Since then starred in the shadow film industry movie "Journey to the West" series. In 2016 the starring crime suspense film "Blood Searching Xun Mei" won the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards for best actor award. Its starring movie "dominate the world", "chill" and "chill 2" three times to become Hong Kong's annual Chinese box office champion. In addition to performing arts, Aaron Kwok is also passionate about charity. The United States has sealed the Aaron Kwok Day twice. In 2000, the Aaron Kwok Foundation was established. In 2003, he was elected one of Hong Kong's top ten outstanding youths. In 2011, he served as UNICEF East Asia and Pacific region ambassador. On April 18, 2017, Aaron Kwok and Fang Yuan held a wedding in Hong Kong. December 3, 2017, the modern communications group won the tenth national spiritual creator honorary title.

Chong WuFuRen Carina Lau Play)

Chong Wu brother was mistaken for the disappearance of the United States, and thus offended Chong WuFuRen, only she can understand the horrors of terrorist angels, and finally made up the brother and the United States to kill both duo.

Carina Lau

Carina Lau (Carina Lau), born December 8, 1965 in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, moved to Hong Kong with her parents in 1980, actress and singer in Hong Kong, China. In 1984 graduated from the Hongkong wireless television stationArtist 12thThe training class; In 1989 starring TVB drama "Shanghai big storm" One person decorated corner; In 1991 by virtue of "Astrolabe" won the French Nantes three continents film festival best actress ; In 1998 in the film "comb" won the third Hongkong movie Golden Bauhinia Award for best actress; 2007 starring "Curiosity killed cat" won the 16th China Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival best actress; 2008 7 Month Carina Lau and Tony Leung married in Bandaire, South Asia; won the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actor in 2011 with "Di Ren Jie's Heavenly Empire"; won the 9th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2014 with "Broad Men" Osaka Asian Film Festival Best Actress. June 2015 Carina Lau is honored as an honorary member of the Knights of the Left Bank in Rosehill, France; in April 2016, Carina Lau is located in the Madame Tussauds; July 2016 Participated in the recording of "We Are Coming". In June 2017, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences officially announced that Carina Lau is a new member of the "Academy Award 2017". In August, the starring comedy "My rival son-in-law" was announced.

More Saviourofthe Soul Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Kenny Bee Xiao Cun/XiaoChuan City mercenary, brother and beauty Jun friend, love the United States Jun, to save the United States Jun was Yin Hu killed.
Gloria Yip Hui Xiang No introduction
Henry Fong Lao Ying No introduction
Henry Fong Yi Sheng No introduction
Maggie Chan Pet lady maid collar No introduction

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