Waterloo Bridge(Movie)[1940]
《Waterloo Bridge》(Movie)[1940]
Waterloo Bridge(Movie)[1940]

Waterloo Bridge (Movie)[1940]

Area: United States Language: English
Stars: Release data: May. 17,1940(America)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Love | War

《Waterloo Bridge》Episodes

During World War I, Robert Taylor (Actor), a returning lieutenant, met dancer Ma La (Vivien Leigh) on Waterloo Bridge, and both loved each other and their love grew rapidly. When the two men decided to marry, Roy should be recruited back to the camp and the two forced to separate. Ma La was dismissed for missing the show and can only be associated with her friends. Shortly after Ma La informed Roy's death message, how many want to collapse, much blow. Ma La, who lost her love, felt everything was lost and in order to survive she and her friend had to become prostitutes. However, fate get people, at this time Ma La actually met Roy again. Although excited about Roy's life, Ma La fell into pain for losing her body. Feeling all the irreparable Ma La suddenly left alone to the place where the two first met - Waterloo Bridge ...

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