Fallen Angels(Movie)[1995]
《Fallen Angels》(Movie)[1995]
Fallen Angels(Movie)[1995]

Fallen Angels (Movie)[1995]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: Sep. 21,1995(China HongKong)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Comedy | Love | Crime

《Fallen Angels》Episodes

Angel No. 1 is a lazy person, like someone arranged everything, he is a killer, because of the time and place, who should not he hesitate to worry about. His work is arranged by number 2. Angel 2 beautiful, indifferent, like Hatsunori night out on the 1st clean-up room, facing the 1st trash left in a daze. They never meet. Angel 3, aged 5, had eaten a can of expired canned pineapple, never to speak again. He often does business in the middle of the night when someone runs a shop without money. His father is a chef in Chongqing Hotel, is his amused object. May 30, 1995, on the 3rd hit just abandoned by her boyfriend on the 4th, to accompany her to find rival revenge. 3 that she is her first love. No. 1 can not stand the killer's loneliness, a coin to the bar waiter, asked him to turn on the 2nd. Coin into the jukebox, the "" a spit out. 2, after listening to the room on the 1st from the ditch, crying. Heavy rain, No. 1 met in McDonald's neurotic No. 5, with her home. No. 5, said No. 1 had soaked her, No. 1 can not remember, he just wanted a companion. No. 3 lost his first love, and the No. 4 went to Victoria Stadium to watch the ball, the 4th I do not know where to go. He started working in the izakaya and took dad's life with his borrowed video camera. It is rainy night, 1 and 2 finally meet. 1 out of feelings, promised to be the last one on the 2nd single, the night broke up with the 5th. The last one would like to try not to file, to do that alone, but due to improper arrangements, making himself lost, the last single No. 1 died under the chaos gun. No. 3 father died of illness, in the night, he repeatedly watched the video of his father's lifetime. Once again, he met No. 4, No. 4 became normal and decent, a flight attendant uniforms, seems to have forgotten him. No. 3 to start midnight boss, No. 2 never find a fixed partner. Was beaten badly on the 3rd on the 2nd meal on the 2nd, driving a motorcycle to send her home.

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