Campeones (Movie)[2019]

Area: Spain Language:
Stars: Release data: Mar. 22,2019
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comic


Marco Montes is a basketball coach and the second coach of an important ACB team, but in fact since he was burned, he has become arrogant and rude in his career and personal life. In the ACB game, he was fired from the stadium because of a quarrel with the first coach. Later, he was completely drunk, drove into a police car and was arrested. During the trial, the judge asked Marco to choose a penalty: two years in prison or 90 days of community service. Marco chose the latter and reluctantly began training a basketball team called Los Amigos, composed of several mentally handicapped players, with the help of Old Julio, the director of the community center they knew here. At the same time, Malcolm tried to save his marriage to Sonia, when Sonia was tired of Malcolm's excuse for having children...

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