Ma Sichun took the post of the 71st Cannes International Film Festival as a ambassador for the New Force of Chinese Film.

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The 71st Cannes International Film Festival will be held from May 8 to May 19, 2018. Young filmmaker Ma Sichun will attend the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival as the "new ambassador for Chinese film power" and " Millet 6X photo experience officer" and will attend "The Second Chinese Film New Force" sponsored by "Movies". “Events held during the Cannes Film Festival, together with famous filmmakers Xu Zheng (actor) and Xiaoming Huang , assisting new Chinese filmmakers in overseas film promotion

Ma Sichun is one of the representatives of the Chinese actress of the new generation. His works are extensive in style, and his characters are vivid and diverse. Whether it's the unassuming character of Li Ba, or quiet restraint and constraining the formation of an amazing contrast after the outbreak of Lin July, she is keen on performing without ever stopping to delve into and explore the show, and she won the 53rd film with the movie “ Soulmate ”. The best actress of the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards, and in 2017 won the "Society Award" awarded by the Chinese Film Performing Arts Society. It is reported that the action fantasy film " Di RenJies four kings " directed by Tsu Si Hark and produced by Chen Kuo-fu will be released nationwide on July 27th. The exposed styling and mystery characters have not yet released the film. It triggered a strong expectation from the audience.

This time Ma Sichun served as the “new ambassador for Chinese film” and also aims to appeal to the public from a perspective of young filmmakers to understand, support, and support the young directors and their works of the Chinese film industry. This is a new force for Chinese films. "Add bricks and tiles.

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