Shu qi deserved the first prize for the four most glamorous actresses.

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Jiarong Lv looks superior cool and gorgeous temperament. JPG

Shu Qi is

1. Shu Qi deserved the first place. JPG

Linkeddb News November 29& have spent In the entertainment circle, there are always some actresses with extraordinary temperament and charming personality, such as: Liu Yifei The "immortal temperament" makes people intoxicated; Zhao Liying Of "pure temperament" is exciting; Liu Shishi "Classical temperament" people linger on. In addition to these, the entertainment industry has four of the most cool feeling of the actress, Shu Qi First of all, Jiarong Lv , Ou Wang , Li Zhang It's close behind.

 Shu Qi "a synonym for cool and gorgeous"

Shu Qi has a feminine charm that comes not just from her luscious lips, but from her bones that most people can't imitate. Shu Qi's advanced facial features and tall figure make him look so noble and cool that he has been dubbed "cool and cool dai yan ci" by netizens. In various hd fashion blockbusters, Shu Qi's posture of hands akimbo often gives people a sense of domicile and ability, with eyes focused, and a sense of cold and gorgeous suddenly swept over his face. She deserved to be the first!

Both inside and outside of the play are cool

Jiarong Lv looks superior cold - yan temperament

Jiarong Lv is also a high level of appearance in the entertainment circle of an actress, her facial features are very distinctive, the tianting is full, bright eyes show eyebrow, nose is quite like peak, is the entertainment circle few facial features, give a person a kind of classical and senior face feeling. Under the addition of short, dry hair, her appearance level doubled, giving a cold beauty. Not only appearance level is online, her wear builds skill to also have distinguishing feature very much, almost every modelling that she can be in show oneself noble temperament while revealing a kind of super-strong cold colourful feeling again. It can be said that whenever she appeared, everyone was immediately attracted by her cool temperament, straight call: completely immersed in it!

Ou Wang is sweet but not lacking in a sense of coldness

Ou Wang is a temperament beauty from guangxi. She is sweet, tall and clever. She has a place in both entertainment and fashion circles. She has an advantageous figure, so to speak, she is a natural clothes rack. No matter what she wears, it can perfectly show her unique charm. Ou Wang was wearing white one-piece trousers with bare back, and her hands were stuck into the trouser pockets. In the pure white background, Ou Wang is also not short of cool and gorgeous feeling!

Ou Wang is sweet but not lacking in a sense of coldness

& have spent Both inside and outside of Li Zhang's plays are cool

Li Zhang is also one of the few actresses in the entertainment industry who have both appearance, level and temperament. She has acted in many excellent works and created many impressive roles, such as in the two cities change Wen Zhao Fang, "" BeijingYouth Lilacs in" New Detective Hu Shirley in "and so on. The role that is in her model has a kind of special leng yan feels, however she is in the life more will leng yan feels develop acme, make netizen cries directly: do not deserve to be the actress that has leng yan feeling most!
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