The rise of phoenixes' bai jingting interprets gu nan yi in many ways to save the fujian sea from danger

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Star connection September 6 Yan Shen , Liu Haibo Co-director, Chen Kun , Ni Ni , Li - Xin Zhao , Ni Dahong , Yuan Hong (actor) Starring, Ou Wang , Bai Jingting The TV series The Rise of Phoenixes "In hunan satellite TV golden eagle broadcast theater continued hot, and in iQIYI, mango TV network broadcast. In the plot released yesterday, gu nanyi not only showed her tender feelings that she regarded feng zhiwei as her family's devotion to guard, but also showed her domineering attitude to fight for the enemy for feng zhiwei, and her solemn expression when reprimanding hou liangzheng for "a matter of calling a cat to steal" was more adorable. With a lot of contrast gu nan clothing, more and more tiansheng girls love.

Gu nan yi with the phoenix to know the identity of a mysterious know the micro as a relative

In the previous plot, feng zhiwei was given a death sentence for her role as a man in the court, and blood futu planned to rescue her. In the latest episode, emperor tiansheng pardons feng zhiwei for her death. Feng zhiwei will go to the fujian sea with ning yi. Feng, who was about to leave Beijing, knows her sorrow. But yanhuaishi is full of joy of returning home. For gu nan yi, a sentence of "where are you going, where am I going", just like when she accompanied feng zhiwei to become an official, reflects gu nan yi's guarding of feng zhiwei from one end to the other. This sentence has become a classic line of gu nanyi, and it is also an expression of his heart. At the same time, gu nan yi's origin also becomes a mystery. He followed master zong since his childhood to study martial arts. He did not know what a "friend" was. He only knew that zong Chen was his only relative. Such gu nan dress is really painful. Luckily, feng now knows this relative, in the day of knowing the micro, he gradually understood the emotion, walked out of his "one foot three inch ground".

Police gu nan yi line up again, was sealed tiansheng the first gentleman

At the beginning of the line to the "traffic police" as a cute netizen gu nan yi again as a police identity. Seeing he lian zheng surreptitiously outside the micro room, gu daxia asked him seriously "why he did such a thing", feeling full of justice. In the face of the same furtively trying to protect feng zhiwei qingming students, gu daxia is also a serious face, not angry but from wei, netizens can not help but laugh that gu nanyi is indeed the most honest man in the world.

The trip to the fujian sea was extremely dangerous. Gu nan yi tried his best to save feng

The fujian sea all the way dangerous danger, the feng know small meet the assassin to pursue to kill, gu nan yi 1 "I go kill them" announce big xia gu nan yi go online. Martial arts high and strong gu nan clothing against the assassin naturally not under the words, first a smooth set of fight to put all the assassins, and then all efforts to find off the cliff whereabouts unknown feng know. When finding feng zhiwei in the cave, the audience could feel the fear in gu's eyes across the screen. Gu's eyes kept following feng zhiwei, and the care for feng zhiwei was internalized by Bai Jingting.

Will soon enter the fujian sea boundary, the road is bound to be very dangerous, south yi know wei line how will save the danger? Let us follow the development of the plot to unlock the answers to the fujian sea trip.

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