Begonia through the rain rouge through

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Who will play Begonia through the rain rouge through ? The TV series “ Begonia through the rain rouge through ” is about to be broadcast. Long Qingqing is a rich and wealthy lady. Who is Lang Qingqing’s favorite person? Let's take a look at Begonia through the rain rouge through.

Directed by well-known director Shu-Pui Hou , the Republic of China drama “Begonia through the rain rouge through” starring Deng Lun , Li Yitong , Zhang Ya Zhuo , and Si Siwen will be aired soon. The drama was created in the Republic of China Jiangnan Rookie Agent Rouge as a story line, telling the story of the complex love and business war stories such as the Lang Fu II son and the mysterious woman Gu Haiyi, and the warlord Qian Jinlong Mo Yu. Among them, Qi Siwen and Deng Lun for the first time, will be staged in a chaotic but happy "brothers and sisters", attracting attention.

 Begonia through the rain rouge through

"Begonia through the rain rouge through"

《 Begonia through the rain rouge through 》朗青青扮演者是郜思雯

In the play, Miao Siwen plays Miss Langfang, Lang Qingqing, who is in the world of bean curd. With Lo Li's appearance and hot heart, he accidentally learns the identity of his elder brother Lang Yuexuan (Deng Lun) and begins a period of “Ming Hua. "A village" twists and turns love. It is reported that this time Mou Siwen is a star in appearance. As a child star, she is currently studying at the Beijing Dance Academy's middle school song and dance department. Although she is young, Mou Siwen has done a good job. She has participated in " Mother to marry someone ", " pretender ", and " A. "Good wifes life " and other TV series have won many praises both inside and outside the industry. Right now, Si Siwen’s studies and performances go hand in hand, and she expects her to bring more exciting and outstanding works!

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