Days of sunshine' opens with lead actor wu chao attracting millions

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Linkeddb News October 19 The highly anticipated day of sunshine is finally upon its release. After its premiere on Oct. 14, "days of sunshine" triggered a movie-watching frenzy among art lovers because of its tender stories and beautiful images. The film is written and directed by zhang luoping. Wu Chao , Wang Like The film, starring haier and jinxi, was nominated for best cinematography at the 21st Shanghai international film festival Asian newcomers awards as zhang's debut.

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The film tells the story of a child, xiang Yang, who lives with his grandmother Zhang Heng Yuan After living around, gradually blend into the new home and return to the story of father's love. A brilliant filmmaker, Wu Chao also Shared the episode of being wounded on set. At the end of one scene, Wu Chao suddenly raised his hand and said, "my little finger is broken." I thought I was going to the hospital, but I went to the local skilled bonesetter and reported to him. The pain in my fingers left Wu Chao with indelible memories. The father Zhang Heng Yuan in the film shows his deep warmth and tenderness, making everyone feel the profound and passionate love of a silent father. Wu Chao, who was recently upgraded to "a father" during filming, is also impressed with the event, which is consistent with the core message of the film: family affection, sometimes, does not require extreme material. The best gift for a child is the company of his family.

In 97 minutes, you'll see Cancan Huang The rape flower and sunflower, enjoy the incomparable music, feel the director's absolute sincerity heart and the actor's devotion to the interpretation. After the suave and taciturn Zhang Heng Yuan in the incarnation of days of sunshine met with surprise, Wu Chao turned to nong jin sun and devoted himself to the work.Hu yuan - o J IADuring filming. Wu Chao infuses every character with his own soul, and this time with Vincent Zhao What martial arts spirit will we bring together? Let's look forward to it together! & have spent

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