Ru ai is highly anticipated to attend the new work changan twelve hour of ginger night fashion gala.

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Linkeddb News October 19 Yesterday, actor Ru Ai Invited to participate in Ginger Night Asian fashion gala, which gathered a number of well-known Chinese and Japanese fashion artists, it can be said that the stars are shining, Ru Ai in a elegant fresh dress to attend the event, temperament is full. The event was also awarded the title of "dandy spirit" by the organizers, which fully affirmed Ru Ai's active fashion performance in recent years. Her latest work is known as Changan twelve hour "Will also enter the launch countdown, the future is expected.

& have spent This event is held by the well-known Japanese trend magazine "Ginger tide", and it is the first time that "Ginger tide" has held a high-level fashion event in the Chinese entertainment industry since its founding in China. The event was invited Mirei Kiritani ,Piece of send cool tooAs a representative of Japanese pop artists, Ru Ai, an actor with the title of "sweet girl in fashion", is one of the representatives of Chinese young pop artists Hu Bingqing , Mingen Zhang Wait and be present. Ru Ai dressed in a pure white one-word shoulder dress, matched with a simple style of black high-heeled shoes, auxiliary accessories embellishment dress, style simple and fresh, girl feeling with elegance integration, the overall modeling advanced texture prominent, in the star-shining event, expressed a unique personal fashion opinion. On the red carpet, Ru Ai was paired up with a Japanese trendsetter and instantly became the focus of the media. During the interview, the host asked Ru Ai what he thought about his looks today. Ru Ai was funny and funny from the soprano. When asked where he feels the tides in his life, Ru Ai replied with a witty smile, "a tide is insisting on being true to yourself. A round face can also be a kind of tide. There is a good saying that fashion depends on the face." Ru Ai's nifty and lovely view is also in line with the spiritual theme of "self-pleasure" advocated by chaoer magazine.

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Ru Ai also received the title of "chaoer elf" from the organizers. When accepting the award on stage, the host asked Ru Ai which director or artist he would like to cooperate with. Ru Ai said he was honored to work with the director of "Changan twelve hour" Dun Cao He also got a lot of advice during his performance. For her favorite role, Ru Ai has been generous in saying that she likes all the roles she has put her heart into. At the same time, Ru Ai also expressed his gratitude to the fans who supported him, and looked forward to more sparks with Ginger chao magazine in the future, hoping to use his works to prove his strength in the future. In fact, Ru Ai, a native of sichuan province, was well known to the public in 2010 for her role in the "naked marriage age" as the "quirky" sun xiaohua. Lovelorn 33 days Hit shows such as "" also receivedHua - Tao Teng, Yusheng Tian , Dun Cao and other directors unanimously appreciate unlimited potential. Ru Ai has also been rewarded for her work. It is reported that her performance in "Changan twelve hour" has entered the countdown to its release date. Her role in the show was also named "chang 'an first daughter gold". Another work Beautiful as a dream on the sea "" will also meet you at the end of the year, with Ru Ai playing in it Qin Li The hardcore best friend zou siqi. Heavy works have been launched one after another, and there are many surprises on the screen. The actor Ru Ai will welcome the double outbreak of fashion and works, and the future can be predicted.

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