Never gone' starts with miss lyrics in the same hairstyle

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Linkeddb News November 7Recently, by the Lyrics Starring in the urban love drama Never Gone The show was officially launched. In the play, she plays the rich family qian jinzhang yue, the first appearance ran into su yunjin ( Yang Zishan At the time of her death, she brings a coat to her, making everyone curious and imaginative about zhang yue's behavior. Because of the short hair style of Lyrics in the play, the stylish and smart appearance and the solid script, Lyrics let the audience see her unique charm, also satisfied the audience's all imagination to zhang yue.


Rich thousand Gold also Have initial dreams & NBSP; & have spent & have spent Miss puff has a sparkly coiffure

In "Never Gone," Lyrics play zhang yue (cheng zheng) Elvis Han (su yunjin (su yunjin) (su yunjin) (su yunjin (su yunjin) (su yunjin (su yunjin) (su yunjin (su yunjin) A netizen left a message, think she is to send the cherub oneself appear. Unlike the ordinary rich second generation, zhang yue's biggest dream is to open a bar, sleep naturally, and be an elegant woman. A lot of people say that this could be a fake rich second generation. Others say she "grew up appreciating zhang yue's character because she clearly knew what she wanted".

Let the audience most enjoy talking about, is the scene of Lyrics in the show's changing fashion. Appearance, a crisp short hair, a black and white gray match, very capable. When you meet your family, wear casual and comfortable clothes. When working, advanced and simple, the workplace will be a very exciting play, a large number of Internet groups to show Lyrics, said she is the role of the entire drama, miss puff's hair is also very lovely.

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Deep understanding of the multiaspect of the role & NBSP; & have spent & have spent Lyrics in the heart of the chapter yue

Every time contact new works, Lyrics seriously read ahead, analyze their opinion on it, in "Never Gone" before filming, she had read the original, also on twitter to share their feelings about work: "in the heart of every man there is a Seine river, it put our heart into both sides, the left soft, right bank cold hard; Left bank sensibility, right bank rationality... ".

As for the role of zhang yue, Lyrics make a lot of effort. In her mind, zhang yue is a very kind and individual girl. She is very touched by the truth and bravery in zhang yue, which is the biggest reason why she decided to play the role. As for whether the adaptation of the novel can meet the needs of book lovers, Lyrics says, "everyone has a different understanding of the characters, and the images they form in their mind when reading the novel are different, so I can only say that I have come to my mind to play zhang yue." The different tone of zhang yue's dialogue with others, and the confidence expressed by every twinkle and smile, Lyrics show the unique charm of zhang yue through the delicate control of this role, which perfectly integrates themselves with the role.

"Never Gone" is updated every Tuesday and Friday at 20:00. In the new trailer, Lyrics play the part of zhang yue, "if I really have something to do with this shen ju, don't you have no competition?"

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