Gao ye presents find you nortel screening exchange meeting with senior sister yao chen

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Gao Ye Find you north radio show alternating meeting with senior sister Yao Chen Cooperation tacit understanding

On October 15, the film find you "Held the screening exchange activity at Beijing film academy. The directorLu makeShow up with stars Yao Chen, especially Gao Ye. The audience was more than 600, and the atmosphere was very hot. Gao Ye even revealed the funny things on the set, which made the audience laugh.


Fun & NBSP; Gao Ye Yao Chen makes a guess at his hometown.

The film find you tells the story of two mothers whose identities are different from each other. Played by Yao Chen Li Jie A lawyer who is divorcing her husband, Yili Ma Sun fang plays a nanny with a complicated background who also loves her daughter. One of the people who links Li Jie to sun fang is Lin xiaolu, played by actor Gao Ye as "a turbid black lotus".

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Lin xiaolu's character is full of market atmosphere, but also has their own perseverance and kindness. Gao Ye, who plays Lin xiaolu, is also very forthright. Although she is a southerner, she is mistaken by Yao Chen for a northeast girl. Yao Chen, who also has a forthright personality, also impressed Gao Ye with "northeast girl".

Two people with similar personalities and similar interests got together because of the play. Gao Ye said that she originally participated in the play just to pay tribute to director Lu Yue. Fortunately, she also accidentally gained a good friend of Yao Chen, a mentor and friend.

Sharing love ideas marriage is sharing a life with someone who smells like the same person

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During the interactive session, audience members asked Gao Ye about her understanding of love and marriage. As the only single young woman in the scene, Gao Ye has her unique views on marriage and love. "my understanding of marriage is to find a person who shares the same views and shares the same smell and taste". Gao Ye's humorous remarks made the audience laugh a lot.

In addition to sharing opinions on love, Gao Ye also Shared his own experiences and Suggestions as senior for students in the field performance department. "Read more, watch more movies, love more, experience more life, lens will not deceive anyone, your experience will show in front of the camera." It is because of the rich experience that Gao Ye has endowed various characters with different charm.

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The super series, which is starring Gao Ye Changan twelve hour Urban psychological drama From Survivor To Healer ", period drama EighteenSprings ", "the empire of the sun", "crazy growth of buckwheat"," Mr monster The audience will meet in succession, let's look forward to the wonderful performance of Gao Ye.

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