“Canis Island” warmth today Zhu Yawen Song Jia (actress, born 1980) High-quality dubbing to conquer viewers

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Today, the animated film " Canis Island, " directed by the director Wes Anderson , is officially released nationwide. At the same time, in a special feature of the national-language version of the behind-the- song dubbing released by the film party, Zhu Yawen and Song Jia (actress, born 1980), the promotion ambassadors for Canis Island in China, were exposed as “dogs” and “bean pods” in the film. "Voice over the scene. Chiu Ko 's voice acting force seemed to return to the stage of the "Sound on the Ground" finals, showing the audience a powerful voice over the night of the championship. The joining of the strongest voice dubbing line in China will surely cause everyone to watch the upsurge.

Zhu Yawen Song Jia (actress, born 1980) Joins hands to show off the magic of change. High-quality voice recognition won by professionals.

In the special edition of Exposure, Zhu Yawen's voice is deep and deep, and with his solid voice performance skills, he once again profoundly restored the role of the “leader” in the film, perfectly embodying the psychology of “leader” who is reckless and eager to be loved by humans. Song Jia (actress, born 1980) also seized the personality traits of the characters from the details. The gentle and slow voice created the mystical and elegant dog goddess “pods” in the film and showed the audience that she was not inferior to Professional voice actors perform at a high level. Their dubbing was also highly praised by Liu, the director of the Shanghai translation factory. “The match is very good and the skills are good.” The industry insider who had watched the Mandarin version at the premiere of the movie also praised their dubbing, saying that "Canis Island" must not miss the Mandarin version. When asked why they were dubbing "Canis Island," both voice actors said they liked the works of the director Wes Anderson and had wanted to play the video before they had watched the movie. In introducing the role of his voice, Zhu Yawen preached "The leader is a dog who is not stern, violent, but lacking in love." Song Jia (actress, born 1980) was amazed at the beauty of “bean pods” and praised “it is like a light, a goddess”. The “leader” of Zhu Yawen’s dubbing voice was dubbed “ BringingBad ” actor Bryan Cranston in the original version, and the “ bean pod ” dubbed by strength actress Song Jia (actress, born 1980) in the original version was “little sister”. Scarlett Johansson dubbing. The film side is calling for watching the Hollywood animation blockbuster with the most powerful dubbing lineup in China and abroad. The first brush of the country and the original brush will surely make the audience happy and enjoy the extraordinary.

Wes Anderson's latest word-of-mouth masterpiece released today

"Canis Island" is directed by Wes Anderson as the second animated film. With its imagination and creative colors, the Canis Island has created a beautiful and dreaming dog world. The ultimate personalization of the story and the composition of the lens make this part The film won the Best Director of the Berlin International Film Festival Award and the Audience Choice Award for the South-West Film Festival, and became the first opening animation of the Berlin Film Festival. In the film, the director Wes Anderson pioneered a bilingual narrative technique and used a dog's perspective to tell us the true friendship between the little boy Atari and the five dogs. The director creatively translated the dog's language in English, and the boy's language was recommended by other means. Such a clever setting allows the audience to naturally stand in the dog's perspective and listen to the dog's conversation. This will also give viewers a different viewing experience. Hollywood movie brings together a large congregation coffee Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton , Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton and Frances · Mike Duomeng De and other stars, has received more Academy Award for art direction of Adam Stockhausen Escort the film. After the Berlin premiere, the film was claimed by Hollywood's authoritative media "The Guardian" as "this is a superb gift package." In the early stages of the film, the film also received acclaim. "It was simply the Wes Anderson director's affectionate expression of the dog." "Another fascinating Wes Anderson animation movie." "The pink dog's nose is Wes Anderson. The world's most adorable embellishment." The superb reputation of movie spots also made it possible for users who have not yet watched “Canis Island” to look forward to it. This “Master of Dreaming” Wes Anderson directed the creation of a new work with great concentration for four years. Today, it will surely attract the enthusiasm of netizens.

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