Lu hai' i am the actor challenges upgrade says: works are the most important

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Lu Hai as shaw tassel.jpg

JPG, Lu Hai

Linkeddb News October 26I'm the actor is coming on Saturday, actor Lu Hai 将作为复活嘉宾重返舞台。据官微曝光的剧照来看, Lu Hai 将在本次分组赛中搭档Yang Rong (actress), Chun Li Star in the movie Youth Lu Hai will play the role of xiao sui in the classic episode.

Return to the stage Lu Hai strength recognized acting certification

Lu Hai played in the sixth episode of I am the actor The Last Emperor "The wanrong part, although the drama is not the main part, but the end, wanrong and puyi dialogue infected people, the mentor even praise, linchang play eat flowers, but also let us really see her acting. Although is the function Angle, but also appropriately plays this role, does not dispute does not compete, in the only part of the play and the line in the input full mood, will the role to hold in place, vividly explained wanrong's love and entanglements.

" TheLastEmpress Lu Hai resurrects the expectation of the public, and this issue of Lu Hai will change the graceful beauty of wanrong, try to have a distinct personality, lively and active xiao zui, in addition to the role of expectations, Lu Hai plays xiao zui will also be a highlight of the performance.

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Lu Hai listening and dancing. JPG

Youth reappeared & NBSP; Lu Hai said: works are the most important

The film "Youth" has made audiences cry. It is very impressive about the story's protagonist's experience and the things after the change of times. Actor Lu Hai will be accompanied by Chun Li and Yang Rong (actress-actress) to recreate the classic scene. Lu Hai's role as xiao sui is not to be expected.

According to the photos that have been exposed on the scene, the Youth, starring Lu Hai, Yang Rong (actress-actress) and Chun Li, has a high degree of restoration of scenes and costumes, especially for dancing, and the three have a tacit cooperation. Coming back from the resurrection, Lu Hai said: "cherish this opportunity to show the best works".

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