Imperial Wang Lin Kay birthday party bursts with iQIYI entertainment to create fans Yue enjoy welfare

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Little Devil Wang Lin Kai's birthday party is overwhelming iQIYI entertainment to create fans Yue enjoy welfare

The birth of a miracle X devil is love Kuaiyi entertainment 520 and enlarge the move

As a series of large-scale branded star birthdays, Ikiyi Entertainment has created a “miracle birth day” that has attracted a lot of attention since its launch, and has been built with a unique “immersive experience” and a complete chain of online and offline promotions. The deep interaction between the public and the idol has become the most influential interactive entertainment brand.

On May 20th, the exclusive “Imperial Wonder” 19-year-old Wang Lin Kay “Imperial Ghost” produced by iqiyi Entertainment exclusively held the birthday party in Beijing. The birthday party scene and young kid Wang Lin Kai with a new look “Bell” "Appearance, not only the lively dubbing "Pig Peggy", but also personally grabbed the doll to give fans, so that the audience harvested numerous moved. The whole birthday will be heated on the Internet at the same time it is hot, # # Xiaoguai dubbing pig Peggy, # little kid cried # and other topics have also been on the hot search list, live data is very bright, excellent The transcript reflects the unique strengths and capabilities of iQiyi Entertainment in gaining insight into the needs of fans.

The new model debuted the devil Wang Lin Kai live for the fans "grab the doll"

With the opening of the blasted song and dance show, a variety of interactive sessions are interspersed with the dazzling performances. The kid “Night Cool” is showing his devil’s personal charm on the 19th birthday and also becomes a “paradise” for fans to enjoy exclusive benefits. .

At the birthday party, the young devils who made their appearance in the new “bell” new style not only sang new songs “good night” and “Bingo cash”, but also brought along with the good brother Xu Shengen the double dance “Double Real”. In addition to displaying outstanding stage charm, Xiao Lin Wang Lin Kay also turned into a “happy virus”, not only hilariously dubbing “Pig Peggy”, but also confessing to fans that “everyone is a bitter but you are a strawberry” and the soil is full of flavors. Love words, 撩 turn girls hearts. Although not able to reach the scene, the members of the winepercent also sent birthday greetings to the devil through vcr. At the end of the birthday party, the devil's parents surprised the audience and made the little devil feel moved to tears. Warm heart touching.

Not only is the burst point of the birthday party constantly, in the interactive online and offline links created by iQiyi Entertainment, fans also enjoy an “immersive” interactive experience in many ways. In the exclusive custom birthday party of iQIYI Entertainment, besides the intimate interaction, the game “520 Stone Scissors” was staged. The devil gave the fans the dolls he caught by grabbing the doll machine. Many lucky fans live on the scene. At the same time, I felt the idol flash point, but also harvested the warmth of welfare. In the previous “Three-Line Love Letter” activity, fans also received idol-related “love” through various forms of love. Exclusive benefits. iQIYI Entertainment through this exclusive and customized online and offline interaction methods, as well as a practical welfare mechanism, triggered the emotional resonance of fans, with the sincerity and heart to win the recognition and support of the majority of users.

Behind-the-scenes full-chain promotion “The Birth of a Miracle” completes the deep demands of fans

Just as it has always attached importance to the concept of the brand, the iQiyi Entertainment "Mirth of Miracles" series has established a new dimension of operating franchise privileged markets in the process of continuously optimizing the content structure, and has provided new and better entertainment content for the market. . Not only that, iQIYI Entertainment's "Miracle of the Miracle" has been further explored through continuous intensive farming, online fan interaction, exclusive offline offline activities, and the introduction of "Fan ah turn over and over again" behind the scenes broadcast content and activities of the entire process Documentaries, through the full participation of the audience behind the scenes, form a chain of brand activities that cover the audience's needs.

With the joint resource network, on the occasion of the 520th, iqiyi Entertainment boosted the “Kids is Cool” kid Kai Wang Lin’s birthday will become the explosion of the entire network, and it is worth mentioning that “the birth date of the miracle” In addition, the “miracifying confession” of the “520” iQiyi’s ingenious launches and two fan recognition meetings also received good responses. Qian Zhengyi and People also ask to approach the fans in a unique and interactive manner. The understanding of distance perfectly fits 520's confession theme. In terms of data, iQiyi Entertainment created three special events in the 520. The cumulative number of online viewers reached 3.1 million, and the number of online users at the highest instant was more than 150,000.

From the hip-hop rich "Ujo Fan " Kris Wu birthday party, to the full- hearted Karry Wang karryon 18-year-old adult ceremony, to the personal style of the Huang Jingyu "all the way scenery you walk with you" birthday party, including the full birthday party The exclusive live broadcast provides an exclusive “immersive experience” with point-to-face online and offline interactions, as well as a variety of welfare distribution mechanisms. It increases the stickiness between users and platforms while satisfying the needs of young users for entertainment preferences. , so that users get a more direct empathy model.

Precise positioning and systematic development have made the “birthday of the miracle” widely acclaimed in the industry with a wide coverage of fans and dazzling data. "The Birth Day of Miracles" is a bridge between idol fans, allowing fans to truly feel "privileges" while also giving prospective fans a wider perspective.

Deeply cultivated in the field of content, with high-quality professional blessings at the operational level, “The birth date of the miracle” fully released the influence of IQIYI's premium entertainment content and enhanced the brand value of the platform's entertainment. It not only won praise from users. It also makes iQiyi Entertainment a pioneer in the well-deserved industry.

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