The Song Dynasty Junior Record' exposes the first choice of the partner, Zhou Yutong, Steven Zhang

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"Song Song Juvenile" produced by mango film and television production of large-scale costume hot blood spy suspense drama on April 1 men and women starring candidate, popular Xiaoyu Zhou Yutong as the female host "Zhao Jian", Zhongyao Xue Ba Steven Zhang as male The main "Yuan Zhongxin", the first cooperation between the two after 90, has caused quite a lot of media attention. And netizens have also voiced a message: the two partners of youth and fashion are full of freshness.

The “Dao Song Juvenile Chronicles” tells a group of youthful and passionate youth who, in the chaotic situation in the Song Dynasty, defeated the Lord of Xixia under the “secret chamber” plan of the Privy Council to eliminate the disaster of Da Song in order to protect the country and protect the country. The female actor Zhao Jian played by Zhou Yutong in the play is a rebellious young girl of noble dignity and full of personality. Although she is in a stunt, she still works diligently. It is reported that the female host “Zhao Jian” has a lot of martial arts dramas. This is a challenge for Zhou Yutong who first tried a large number of martial arts scenes. She herself stated that she is willing to try and look forward to it.

Zhou Yutong has been deeply impressed with the hearts of netizens by virtue of the excellent interpretations of " Cambrian " and " My distance from your light year ". The warmth of the big boy “Lin Yang” played by Steven Zhang in “Hello, Old Time” is also deeply rooted. Yan value, acting two online first two people will bring the kind of collision, also triggered the majority of users guess and expect.

It is reported that "The Song Dynasty Juvenile" will land in Hunan Satellite TV Youth Theatre in the summer of 2018.

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