Master' trailer exposes' first time to challenge villain

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Linkeddb News November 15& have spent Directed by November,Yang Yang (actor), Jiang Shuying Star, Han Yu Gao Young and passionate drama starring new artists such as hao shuai Master Expose the trailer online. New generation sensation hao shuai is challenging the role of villain for the first time, playing Chen yihui, head of the dynasty guild in the drama.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent "Master," based on the butterfly blue network's popular novel of the same name, tells the story of ye xiu, a professional e-campaigner who is highly sought after by many people. The show, which took six months to shoot, was officially shot in nanjing in mid-september. During the filming, hao shuai often humbly asked the director and predecessors about the performance, and also completed every move required by the director. Such dedication to the scene actors and staff of the unanimous praise, hao shuai has been working very hard and hard, the future is not limited. Hao also revealed that "I am very happy to participate in the shooting of Master. I get along well with everyone in the crew and learn a lot of acting skills. I am very grateful to the seniors for taking care of me and looking forward to the result of the film."

Hao shuai, the actor who signed the contract with donglun film and television, was born on March 29, 1992. He is 183cm tall and weighs 67kg. From grand master to In the meter "Master," his first starring role as a villain, features several classic military characters. Master is expected to meet the audience soon.

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