“On the side of side with you” Ice early photo exposure horse tail interpretation of the atmosphere condense the United States

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The light-minded urban sentimental drama " Only by side with you " starred by Ice is being broadcast on the entire network. In the play, Ice is highly praised by the audience for his exquisite outfit and businesswomen's image. Today, Ice has also exposed a group of warm spring temperament pictures, with high-rate horsetails and black and white dresses, showing the beauty of the atmosphere.

In this set of photos, Ice is wearing a black and white jacquard sleeveless dress. Ice has the right figure to put this dress on the right track. The retro girdle shows Ice's slim waist. Exquisite makeup with a simple high pony tail, highlighting the unique and clean temperament of Ice. The sexy red lips and a series of accessories also add a lot to the overall shape. Ice in the lens leans against the railing visually in front of him. It sometimes faces the camera with gentle smiles. The calm image of Jessie brings warmth to everyone. Li breath.

2018 will be the year of the full blossom of Ice. The starring "On the only side by side with you" with novel themes and the background of contemporary youth entrepreneurship, the audience has seen all the way to the sky, and the amount of on-demand broadcast in the entire network has broken 2.5 billion. The new plays " Sins " and " LoveEvolutionism " will also meet with you in the near future and look forward to the performance of Ice in the drama!

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