The story of yanxi palace

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Star connection message: Hui Kai - dong , Deguang Wen Directed, Nie Yuan , Qin Lan , Xu Kai , Jingyan Wu , Zhuo Tan , Chunai Li co-starring The story of Yanxi Palace At present, the network broadcast volume has reached nearly 10 billion, far ahead of other films and TV programs broadcast at the same time, and the online discussion volume is also high. In recent days, the plot has become more and more exciting, Chunai Li's "shu fei" finally won the favor through her own efforts and promoted to the position of concubine. "Shu fei" had to be "low-key" rise, with wei gem luo, empress strong and strong join hands to fight together the enemy together, the she of successful promotion program king now no longer alone program emperor, connect empress harem to also want not her program.

Chunai Li "shufei" routines and tricks & NBSP; & have spent The best routine of the harem

The story of Yanxi Palace has made many fans know The concubines who play The character of "bing ran" And Chunai Li, who plays "shu fei", has attracted the attention of fans with her beautiful pear vortex. In the play, she often showed off her clever ways to the emperor, and frequently went against the imperial concubine who "cut the hu" to the emperor, which was the best set king in the palace. With the performance of the plot, "shu fei" gradually grew from the set to the king, not only securing the position of the emperor, but also successfully promoted to the imperial concubine. At the same time, many attentive fans also find that no matter to whom the "shu fei" wooed, they would prepare many high-level gifts, such as the sharizi prepared at the empress dowager's birthday feast, and the senior tonics sent by the imperial concubine.. Every time it can be said that giving gifts is a big deal, which also attracted netizens: "shu fei siyi is really the most luxurious concubine in the palace "

Chunai Li's "shu fei" has been well received as an actor & NBSP; & have spent The dumbest villain

& have spentChunai Lihas been known for her roles in modern dramas and rarely takes part in palace dramas.Chunai Liin the play changes the simple and lovely role image in the past, and interprets a harem concubine who is preoccupied with family prosperity and power and status. However, when meeting children, she shows her inner warmth and affection, which are sometimes funny, sometimes dark and sometimes full of talentChunai Lisuccessfully interpreted the psychological activities of "shufei" in different stages. The role of attracting fans made her get more attention. The finale was coming.

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