A-du, who was on fire, what have you been doing lately?

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Linkeddb News October 9mentionedA - DuThis name, A lot of people must be wondering, what is a-du, the Asian love singer who can sing the most profound feelings of loneliness in A man, doing recently?

After A long period of precipitation, a-du will release her 10th album "I shouldn't hide" on October 29, and the title song of the first wave of the same name album "I shouldn't hide" specially sought friends Kenji Wu Tailor-made for themselves, the two passed through men's several times When talk was first introduced to the studio, a-du was deeply moved by the lyrics. Kenji Wu's lyrics fully expressed his inner voice which was difficult to express in words. When singing the songs, it felt like A dialogue with his inner self and A confession to his fans and family. It's the core concept of the album and the first wave of the theme song."

In the past six years, the tough guy found the harbor. A-du stepped into the family and became A husband and father. He devoted himself to his family. 2017 signed seed music, announced a return to the music scene and began preparations for a new album. From the album preparation stage of the selection of songs, he was fully engaged in the discussion, album production took more than a year to complete. Since he has not seen his fans for A long time, I hope this album can let them hear more mature a-du.

The preparation of the new album "I shouldn't hide" also coincides with the transition stage of my life. A-du reexamines his past. He feels that he is A very ordinary person and is very lucky to become famous with "he must love you" in his debut. After the first taste of red, the oncoming is one Bobo As a result of the pressure to be famous as a wave, he once chose to escape and ignore, and did not know how to face the public's endless enthusiasm for him and achieve self-perfection. When he found the tender and strong backing force to support, a-du chose to face himself bravely again and insisted on rediscovering the original a-du who loved singing on the stage.

This courage to follow through is evident from the album's main visual. In order to convey the concept of no hiding and facing difficulties in the album, the photographer chose to take photos in the downtown Taipei high-rise in the early evening. The photographer asked a-du to dodge the camera with different angles, showing only the side face or the back, showing our dodging and escaping mentality when we encountered difficulties. Seemingly simple and full of artistic images, actuallyA - Duheart turbulent. "I really want to hide because it's scary," he joked, because he was holding on to the 28-story stair railing with one hand to support his entire body weight and to show the emotion the photographer wanted. However, in order to carry out the concept of the album "I shouldn't hide", he still showed his manly spirit, fully cooperated with the performance of difficult movements, and finally completed the work that satisfied himself and the team.

The song style of the album "I shouldn't hide" is different from the emotional atmosphere of a-du's past vicissitudes. Fans can hear A gentle force in the song of a-du. After the release of the warm-up song "behind the door" in early August, it not only receives warm responses from fans and major music platforms, but even good friends JJ Lin On his micro blog, I also took the initiative to forward and share recommendations. A-du was very moved by JJ Lin's righteous expression, and he couldn't wait to share his new life story again with his fans who always support him. The first wave of the title song "I shouldn't hide" was broadcast across Asia on October 8, officially announcing the return of a-du.

The first wave of the title song "I shouldn't hide" will be released on October 8 solstice 10 in Beijing Music Fresh listening to Radio and the sound of music Radio rob, premiere time order 10 o 'clock in the morning on October 8, 12, 7 p.m., 6 a.m. and 9, 6 PM and 11 PM, 10, 8 o 'clock in the morning, at 1 PM, 4 PM, strong for three days and pored over new song "I dont hide, broadcast scope including Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai and other places. For fans who like a-du, please be sure to lock up Music Radio station, listen together to feel a-du more mature singing skills and charm.

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