Han ARuNa New York Fashion Magazine Shoots Avatar Fashion Queen Look

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Recently, Han ARuNa (Aruna H) filmed a series of spring tide fashion films for a New York magazine. In the photo, Han ARuNa wore a yellow fleece jacket and a gold-print printed slim outfit with rich Chinese style, exuding a strong Queen's gas field. The golden hair and the Matthiola incana lip gloss are stunning; the lazy and deep eyes are full of energy. The entire blockbuster was extremely textured, and there was always a passion that could not be denied, demonstrating Han ARuNa's strong fashion expression and her unique charm.

Han ARuNa (Aruna H)'s unique appearance is quite detailed and sophisticated in Oriental women; Years of struggle, opportunities and talents have enabled Han ARuNa to move from China to the world. She is not only the 2018 Chinese American New Hundred Young Leaders, but also the only invited Chinese actress at the 90th Academy Awards , and she has successfully signed the US ranked No. 6 famous brokerage company MAG. Han ARuNa stated that her dream is to become an influential Chinese actress in Hollywood.

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