Rollin wang, founder of gesture dance,' if you ask me not, 'courtship dance is coming and getting super high attention

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Linkeddb News November 28& have spent In recent years, relying on the developed short video platform, "gesture dance" is popular on the Internet and has become a hit with numerous songs. Actually, Rollin Wang As early as in 2005, the golden song "mom and dad" pioneered the combination of sign language and music, which can be regarded as the originator of "gesture dance". Rollin Wang has released a new song "it's not you asking for me". Rollin Wang has created and released a matching gesture dance "courtship dance" for the new song.

Unlike the previous "divine comedy", which featured bold poses and brainwashing melodies, the new song is a return to the melodious and catchy style in the beginning, which is very suitable for gesture dancing. The usage of two angels has exceeded 10,000 in a short period of time, and Rollin Wang's video has attracted a huge amount of attention. According to the overall style and melody of the song, many emotions and details have been processed in the gesture dance of "not asking for anything". One of the gestures with a slightly beating heart is very delicate and impressive. The whole set of gesture dance has obvious lines of melody and rhythm point, and the song complement each other, and simple to learn, suitable for all people to participate in. Everyone will jump out of their own style gesture dance style, looking forward to everyone's participation, bring us a different surprise!

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