Snow monster adventure' reveals that the mandarin video for 'hand-in-hand' has been liked beyond imagination

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Linkeddb News October 21 The Hollywood fantasy adventure animated film produced by warner bros. pictures Snow Monster Adventure The film is now showing, with a story that is full of lighthearted laughter and profound meaning. The amazing and exquisite pictures of the visual effect win the audience's unanimous praise of "more beautiful than imagined". Today, the Chinese version of the movie "hand in hand" has been released. The voice of xueshan is coming and accompanied by the Chinese lyrics with a feeling of hot blood, which deeply pokes the Chinese audience's sweet spot and sweet spot. At present, the movie has been praised as a heartwarming film with 9.3 points for cat eyes, 8.8 points for panticle and 7.5 points for douban. & have spent

Miko friends walk hand in hand. JPG

An unexpectedly good-looking fall family favorite

The Snow Monster Adventure "released today" go together "mandarin version MV, is of the heart, singing sound sweet interpretations of the world will be more beautiful because of our brave, optimistic and sugar sweet infinite, until" shout shout shout "hum, catchy melody but with sing, good voice lingering warm Snow mountain, not forget for a moment. In the music video, snow monster and the human from the initial fear of misunderstanding do not know each other, to finally get up the courage to accept each other's plot, it is moving. In addition to the elaborate music, the well-made "Snow Monster Adventure" has dazzled audiences on its dark side since its release on October 19. Snow Johnson and human communication across species, overthrow their impression of the legendary "monster", by way of communication abnormal teasing, imaginative plot setting is detonated his scary movie, this joy both men and women, regardless of age, the net friend comment on said "was originally try holding the attitude, have never thought more than expected, good-looking, story and the effect is very amazing!" "As an animated film, the story of snow monster is very strong. It can be said that it is suitable for the whole family to watch together in the cinema." , is the most valuable film joke decompression can also persuade, "the punchline, profound meaning, is filled with positive energy," "laugh in tears, young and old, highly recommended, life is a cognitive adventure, also is the process of continuously surpass ourselves, we should also like snow strange, always maintain a strong curiosity!" There are a lot of lessons in the rich jokes, which add communication resources for parents and children after watching films.

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The powder in the snow ring is blowing up the snow Chiharu Niiyama trend

Different shapes of snow in the film, with unique personality and cute cute, cyclopean powder. The "hope of the whole village" of the snow monster miko boldly explore the truth; The "village flower" miki has a halo of beauty and kindness. The cuteness is wide fat, the thermonuclear four star, the poison tongue of the forint joins in "the foot monster research institute", devotes to each road to burst into laughter exploration discovery; And not just the whole thing Koyuki Strange "the voice of snow mountain", even the village chief is the Rapper superstar of the reclusive mountain forest, a song "snow mountain has rap" similarly amazing sentient beings! "The Rap of snow monster village head is inspiring, and laughing is the absolute truth!" "The flow and rhyme of village head, a mouth knew is old river lake, good hear burst!" This group of snowfeet help successfully set off the snow Chiharu Niiyama trend, men and women all over the age of the harvest fans, lit this autumn "snow monster" cute fashion. "The story is thought-provoking, the BGM used is particularly strong, the rhythm is strong, the picture and the sound are very powerful, the production of conscience!" "How lovely! This movie is very special, this kind of childlike cartoon with sense, even if is a big boy, also like to see!" A happy adventure, the perfect release of people's hearts of innocence, the latest autumn and winter fashion can be missed?

Posey completely missed the monster behind him. JPG

'Snow Monster Adventure,' a fantasy Adventure animated film from warner bros. films by 'money boss' Channing Tatum ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle), NBA superstar LeBron James , charm goddess Zendaya ("Spider - Man: Homecoming), famous comedians James Corden (Peter rabbit) the sound of love, the movie is hot in the country, big foot and small feet in the world, I invite you to accompany with joy!

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Related story the legend of the human foot monster. JPG

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Posey returns to snow monster village with miko. JPG

All snow monsters surprise to see the legendary

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