Lei Kang' The Patriot's on-line performance continues to perform at all stages

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Lei Kang " The Patriot " will be on the line for the first time to perform multifaceted performances

The movie “The Patriot” starring Dong Jun as producer and directed by Gong Zhaohui and starred by Lei Kang and Zhang Luyi and Liya Tong was recently broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV. In the story aired in the first week, Hou Xiaotian, played by Lei Kang, met with the Chinese Communist Party member Song Luqiao (Zhang Luyi) at the Manchu Prison, and the prison fighter was on the line and could not stop on the road. “The sky is the biggest in the world” The domineering posture leads numerous fans to leave a message on the social platform. "Call your brother and ask if you dare to promise!"

Lei Kang "The Patriot" is constantly on the line and becomes a "variety scream"

In the drama “The Patriot”, Hou Xiaotian, played by Lei Kang, was arrogant and full of personality. Faced with the many roles in the play, the avatar, “Perverted Shake”, could not stop all the way. With his superb acting skills, he will score a three-pointer with a “revolutionary tyrant” who is vigorous and independent. The netizens sighed: "The 100 ways to get fried fry just from Hou Xiaotian's place!"

It is reported that Hou Xiaotian's characters are set to reverse in the play. From the initial "no fear of fear," the prison tyrant became a hero with a strong patriotic belief in the later period. Lei Kang admitted frankly that "the country's considerations, the depth and breadth of life, true love and freedom ... ... a lot of emotions interweaving to achieve a truly mature, unique charm of personality Hou Xiaotian! I really hope that everyone will like this role !”

The premiere performance of multi-faceted performance challenges self-performance

With the hit of "The Patriot", the audience once again saw Lei Kang's superb plasticity and ability to control his characters. He is the most sentimental and heroic player in "The Investiture of the Gods "; he is a naughty and wise sentencer in " Sharp benevolent "; he is Meng Xuongcong who speaks elegantly and connives gentlemen in "The Thousand Bone". Variety, one thousand face.

In 2018, Lei Kang was ready to go. "The Patriot" " Demon Ten Commandments " "Photographer" is about to be broadcast in succession. What kind of surprise will happen to the niche students? let us wait and see.

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