Angel voice koala liu changed into “narren” and changed into the classic “narren”.

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Star connection September 14A black and white "silent film" video has been released by the official website of seed music, leaving viewers scratching their heads. The original video creation was based on Koala Liu's newly released English cover of "Unlove". The video picture of Koala Liu slapping the rhythm of "Unlove" on various objects with a dull or silly smile makes people laugh, and netizens call it "creative", "too boorish" and "it turns out that Koala Liu has such a side".

Since its debut single Silent Wish (English version) was released in August, Koala Liu has sparked a heated debate on the Internet by rewriting Chinese love songs in English. Seed music went on to add another love song, Narren, in English. The soulful piano strings in the original composition were broken at the beginning by the composition teacher with a relaxed mood of drums. The entry of electronic elements and the lazy sound line of Koala Liu inspired a completely different melancholy temperament from the original composition. Part of the interplay of electric guitar and electric sound, let the whole song jump out of the feeling of bitterness, expressed the feelings of resolute and resolute non-love philosophy.

Koala Liu stubborn with tenacity in the thickness of the unique voice has been unique in the Chinese music, this will cover the Narren, have Landy Wen classic version before, and because of the original "Narren, we are all the same" in this period of classic chorus is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, let the Koala Liu has been pondering how to balance to better perform the song's emotional state. To perfectly express the mood of the song, Koala Liu asked her friend Sharon Kwan to help her complete the English version. Besides giving up the word "Unlove", Sharon Kwan recorded a version of demo with high demands. When Koala Liu heard the demo version of Sharon Kwan, she was so amazed that she immediately put it into her mobile phone song list, and her daily single cycle was irresistible before entering the recording studio. Koala Liu also said she was looking forward to the opportunity to sing Unlove with songwriter Sharon Kwan.

Koala Liu said, hope this song can remind you of not only the original moved, more hope revelation we faced with a choice between love and not love need to make it, always keep a strong heart, if the eyes are not worth, don't continue when the tension. Narren, brave out of turn and don't love.

Koala Liu has had a lot of success recently, but has no intention of stopping. After "Unlove", Koala Liu's music plan is still going on. As for what the next song is, let's get ready and look forward to it together.

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