American music awards red carpet: kris wu without makeup take on hip hop cool, international

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American music awards red carpet: Kris Wu Without makeup is hip hop cool and international

Recently, it was revealed that Kris Wu was invited to attend the AMAs American music awards and walked on the AMAs red carpet as the only Chinese guest in Asia. On the red carpet, Kris Wu without makeup, hip hop cool and international! He also said he hopes to make the Chinese story go global, proud! Skr Skr...

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"It's a testament to music's strength and music's talent that Kris Wu is invited to the American music awards and the AMA red carpet," one user said.

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Kris Wu, born in guangzhou, guangdong province, is a Chinese actor and pop singer.

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In 2007, Kris Wu joined South Korea's SM entertainment for training sessions. In 2012 as aEXOThe group became the team leader. Since his debut, Kris Wu has been known to rely on his cold image. Although the end of the contract, although some twists and turns, but the effort to live up to people. When Kris Wu returned to China after canceling his contract, development was even more favorable.

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In addition to his modeling body, handsome appearance and powerful aura, Kris Wu has a very magnetic voice. When he returns home, he is Xu Jinglei Phase. He starred in director Xu Jinglei's debut film SomewhereOnlyWeKnow "Rose to prominence in the film industry. Later, his performance in the film was remarkable. The media has relied on him to maintain a humble working status not only under the influence of high popularity, but also to put aside their idol status with their own "warm-up" skills.

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Kris Wu's accomplishments on music are nothing to sneeze at, and the American music awards red carpet is a nod to them. All the Zhi Zhou Kris Wu's stint as a mentor on popular variety show China's new rap has come to a close. For his music talent, many singers are convinced and respected. In the show, Kris Wu continues to give listeners fresh hearing, pushing the niche hip-hop culture of music to the peak of music popularity and giving him a thumbs up on music, cool!

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