Zhang Tielin and Zhang Tielin once reported that her appearance and acting skills overwhelmed Bingbing Fan's marriage to her husband who was 23 years old and retired.

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TV series"Teenager package blue sky"Is the memory of many viewers. I don't know if the audience remembers the actress who played the maid, she saidWang Yaqi", formerly known as wang yaqi. As a minority, she was also known as the "first beauty of hui nationality".



Wang Yaqi, who was born in Beijing in 1982, played the role of hai liu in his debut film love on an island in 1993, and was loved by many audiences. In 1998, she played huang xiaocai in the fashion inspirational youth idol drama youth out. At the time, the show was starringBingbing Fan,Li BingbingAt that time,Li Bingbingwas not popular, andBingbing Fanwas not popular.My Fair Princess"Was a hit but not a hit. Although she is not the leading actress in the series, she is not as popular as she has ever been.


Later, she also appeared in many films and television works, such as "Mr. Liaozhai", "shaolin wuwang" and "liaozhai".Qing who", "Teenager package blue sky" Now, looking back at the stills of her time, it's not really beautiful.




Yaqi andZhang TielinI metWang Yaqion the set of My Fair Princess. It was the first time that I met Zhang Tielin, who played huang ama. Since then,Wang Yaqihas cooperated with Zhang Tielin.liao", "king of medicine of the qing dynasty", it is said that at that time, yaqi entered the "king of medicine of the qing dynasty" and was strongly recommended by Zhang Tielin.



In 2012,Wang Yaqimade the action spy film guns n 'bullets, and she was rarely seen on the screen.Wang Yaqinow has a husbandWaise Lee,He was 23 years older than himself.Waise Lee,is a Hong Kong actor with a very similar lookTony Leung Chiu wai", playing a lot of impressive villains, such as gao qiu in the new version of the water margin. The representative works includeYing, xiong Ben se","The Find Qin Kee","Datang Double Dragon"... After marriage,Wang Yaqigradually withdrew from the entertainment circle and was in a state of retirement. She has said in interviews that she was moved by Waise Lee's "you are happy" line. MaybeWang Yaqiis willing to be the woman behind Waise Lee.


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