David Tao's return to Singapore fans for 10 years

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David Tao defeated Singapore fans for 10 years

Following the 1.2.3 We're all Wood World Tour concerts, David Tao again took to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to sing with a cool, cool new hairstyle to invite the audience to “Runaway”! Then came the songs of “ Tom Brooke ,” “Bat,” “Susan,” and “The Heart Who the Moon Represents” to the audience: “The moon represents the heart that I love you... It has been a long time since I came to Singapore. When they sang, they were a bit worried about the box office...” and the audience immediately returned with great cheers and screams, letting David Tao happy smile: “Thank you Singapore, I can’t just be your regular friend!

In a two-hour zero-distance concert, David Tao brought classic hit songs such as "10:30 in the Airfield", "Find Yourself" and "Love is Easy" to drive the crowd to scream and scream Chorus. The unique "Tao-style music" set off a climax for Singapore's weekend night (June 9). On the next day (June 10th), David Tao also invited renowned local arranger Liang Bojun and producer Andrew Chu King Yin to exchange music with many local music enthusiasts. He officially announced that the new song Wenchuang will be held in the Lion City Lions after Taiwan. After that, it opened up the second station for the Chinese language music education and used music to communicate with society to convey peace and love.

After ten years in Singapore, David Tao, the godfather of R&B music, enthusiastically embraced Singapore fans with a passionate spirit. On June 9th, David Tao was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium where numerous Chinese superstars hosted a concert. Up-Close with David Tao concert in Singapore. This is David Tao's once again embarking on Singapore since we were a tour of the Woodman World in 2008.2.3. This made the Singaporean Taoist fans pray. After the announcement of the concert, the box office rushed to snap up.

In order to this David Tao's Zero-Round Up-Close with David Tao concert in Singapore, David Tao played live band with 9 players and started playing the light rock "RUN AWAY" with a wooden guitar. Then he sang with "Tom Brooke". The first wave of climax will make the audience sitting on Jay Wei to stand up and sing along with the rhythm. David Tao and the guitarist also smashed electric guitar on the stage. The third "Bunji" sounds together, the screams of the audience is almost to shake the roof of the stadium. "Airport 10:30" brought everyone back to the year when David Tao was first known, and he sang this song that made everyone "shocking heaven" for him. When the new year's youth had ceased to exist, Today's David Tao not only sings, sings, happily, enjoys and enjoys.

Singlish is fluent with passionate fans and melodies Mike Wind silence event again

The first Tao classic "Ordinary Friend", "Love Me or Him", "Quicksand", "Black Orange" let the audience can't help but sing one by one. David Tao sang ecstasy, and the fans also got mesmerized, but when they finished “Today is not home today”, last year's Golden Melody Award Mike Wind Silence event was once again inexplicably staged, but with last year’s experience, David Tao stood. On the stage, the audience will feel at ease; in addition to this accident, the concert will be halfway up. For the sake of the stage effect, the dry ice is too thick. David Tao could not help but blurt out: “very smoky, cannot see (smog Too strong, I can't see), less smoke (smoke) Or will I "burn" (no sound) you know?" The audience laughed.

For Singapore fans who hadn’t seen in ten years, David Tao entered the local “Fujian Spring” of “Fusion Local” in Fujian Province. When he sang “My Anata” and “I Feel Good,” the audience couldn’t help it anymore. Sitting in a chair, all stood up and swayed with music. There was a foreigner who loved David Tao's music for more than a decade, especially from overseas, because his love for David Tao's songs was to learn Chinese, only to understand the meaning of David Tao's songs, and follow David Tao's whereabouts to see him. David Tao was deeply touched by the performance and the first sing.

David Tao also performed his new song "Mars Baby" in Singapore for the first time. Before singing, he told live fans: "The story behind is refreshing, but hopes to convey positive energy so that everyone can maintain positive energy!" when singing this song He said that he was very touched: “I saw the old friends, new friends, my father-in-law, and my nephew who had been with me for more than a decade. All of them flew over to see my concert. Another guest who was very touched by me – The mother of JJ Lin ..., Lin also personally prepared me love soup and fried rice noodles, Lin mother love you!"

New song, Wen Tao, David Tao Academy of Musicology officially landed in Singapore

When they reached the "KTV chorus" song "Today you marry me", "Quicksand", "love me or him" and "every day", in order to really make a zero distance theme, David Tao sang and stepped down To interact with the fans, shake hands, take self-portraits, and hug, David Tao has almost every request for fans. He said: "I think I arrived at Night Safari (Singapore Night Safari). I had a fan who hugs me and I was very tight. It was a male fan... I love you! But because of too much pressure, my Mike winds. I ran into my teeth, and when I sang a little, I became 'dried' (no front teeth would leak)."

David Tao, the midfielder of the concert, also sang the Acapella version of " our story " written by David Tao for his lover, Tension, with the Singaporean local band MICappella Mike Crazy. The pure vocal accompaniment and multi-voice perfect chorus were all performed. The field was shocked and delighted. When Encore's "Find Yourself" and "Love Is Easy" music resumed, the stage and the stage completed a ten-year-long David Tao Zero Up Close with David Tao concert in Singapore. David Tao also promised on the spot: "I promise you won't let you wait so long next time. I also hope to share your new album with you this year."

Opening up the land and playing music as a pioneer to nurture industrial talents to communicate with music and continue to transmit Chinese music

As one of the most influential musicians in Asia, David Tao has always wanted to share with his younger generation who likes music with his influence in the music industry and his strong ability and knowledge in music. As a result, he has spawned new songs. Chuang aims to cultivate excellent professional music creative talents. To continue toward this goal, on the next day of the concert (June 10th), David Tao invited the superstars such as Sandy Lam , Sammi Cheng , Karen Mok , Fish Leong , Jonathan Lee (musician) , Mayday ... Song Bo-Jun, a well-known Singaporean musician, and Andrew Chu King Yin, a famous music producer for many years, introduced the new song Wen Chong formally to Singapore, under the name of David Tao Academy of Musicology.

In the forum, David Tao announced that a series of music creation and production related courses will be held in Singapore. In the future, outstanding musicians from all over the world will be invited to cultivate music through lectures, workshops, master classes, seminars and other activities. Talents and provide platform resources to communicate with each other, through music and social communication, continuing the transmission and promotion of Chinese language music. David Tao actively promotes cultivation of musical talents. He will be invited to the Golden Melody series event - Golden Melody International Forum on June 20th to exchange ideas with the founders of music education institutions from various countries to discuss strategies for the cultivation of musical talents.

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