My true friend' first global coverage trailer angelababy deng lunzhu yi long lit up the city

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Star connection September 27& have spent TV series" My true friend After 130 days of hard work, it has been officially shot in Rome, Italy. In addition to the Chinese and foreign photo shoot, the film also released the first trailer and 11 stars of the solo drama. In the trailer, starring Angelababy Angelababy , Deng Lun , Zhu Yi Long , Di Xu A realistic drama focusing on social real estate issues was officially kicked off in the midst of a parade of big characters, laughing and ranting. Not only that, but also the delicate and beautiful scenes of the trailer and the stills are very exciting to watch. The plot involving school district housing, young people selling houses and renting houses is closely related to daily life and directly cuts the pain point of the society, which makes many netizens very sympathetic. The excellent quality of the first wave and stills is undoubtedly the first sincere answer to the public.

Domestic film festival leading producer director cut the cake

The cast is officially in Rome, Italy

Angelababy Deng LunZhu Yi Longtakes "the room" as the basis to face the difficult and brave times pulse

The relationship between "house", "people" and "home" has been a major problem for Chinese residents in recent years. From the trailer released today, it can be seen that the TV drama "My true friend" develops around this point. The story centers on cheng zhenzhen (Angelababy, Angelababy) and shao Chen (Deng Lun), a pair of budding property market employees whose daily work is to help clients deal with the thorny problems of buying and selling rental houses. Based on the "house", the two people experienced a series of people and things caused by the house, and witnessed countless human warmth and cold, and thus conceived the wonderful ideal of making urban residents live in a house. International interior designers such asZhu Yi Longand his mother, bai yaluu (Di Xu), have gone from being a "nail" customer to a dream runner on the road for cheng shao.

My true friendAngelababy

My true friend cheng zhenzhen (Angelababy) is ebullient

My true friendDeng Lun

"My true friend" by shao peng orange (Deng Lun) with eyes fixed

My true friendZhu Yi Long

"My true friend" is sleek (Zhu Yi Long)

It's worth mentioning that the trailer also revealed a plot about school district housing, "school district housing, famous universities, good jobs, in the face of life is nothing." -- the main character, shao peng, has made this remark to poke the pain point of the society, but he is with his clients Jackie Chan, The urgent mood contradicts and is strongly questioned. Education, medical care and housing have always been the three major livelihood topics that Chinese people focus on.My true friendchooses "warm and bright realism" to face the real estate topic closely following the pulse of The Times, and in some cases, it also shows a positive attitude towards education and medical problems. The play hopes to reveal the strong sense of social responsibility of the industry drama with the true stories that can shake people's heart and reflect people's aspirations.

The exquisite performance creates audio-visual feast with the emotion moving transnational

"My true friend" not only gathered strength and popularity of the four leading roles, but also Kai Tan , Li Xiaofeng , Xinyi Li , Anlian Yao Wait for a number of industry top actor to pour strength to join in. Despite the many characters, the audience has a preliminary understanding of the realism of the drama, and the photos released today fill in some of the characters' blank Spaces. In the photo, Ms. Cheng is seen wearing a work uniform and smiling enthusiastically, while Ms. Shao, a well-born Ms. Shao, appears calm and intrigued by their relationship. In addition, the very different working conditions of the interior designer's sleek, cheng zhenzhen store manager, zeng huimin (Li Xiaofeng), and his colleague Xinyi Li, also give a glimpse of their characters. But bai's love interest, mu yunping (Kai Tan) 's indifference, shao jian (Anlian Yao)' s wisdom as the group President, hao's joy, Fu Xiao Ning ( Zhang newest Italian (), and Lockhart () Xu Hao The inner struggle and joy ( Tian, XiWei Act) the lonely helplessness, the same interpretation is very wonderful. The actors' delicate and intense performance adds a layer of heavy vitality to the play, which should be so touching.

"My true friend" by zeng huimin (Li Xiaofeng) capable strong woman

My true friend, Xinyi Li, is beaming

"My true friend" mu yunping (Kai Tan) is profound and sedate

"My true friend" byAnlian Yaois composed and intelligent

In order to improve the show's sense of reality,My true friendis mainly set in the megacity of Shanghai, which restores the fast pace of life and increasingly indifferent social relations to the greatest extent. On the other hand, in order to meet the diversified plot, the film crew went to Italy and Rome for shooting scenes in the late stage, so as to shape the whole life of the main characters in an all-round way. It is reported that the production team of the drama first-class, the whole process USES the film standards for filming, with gorgeous and rich scene switching from the east Ming Fang From the pearl to the Roman wishing pool, from a hundred years of building rooms to amorous Roman residences, the high end of prosperity, magnificent romance. The ultimate sense of fashion and painting will create a top-level audio-visual feast for the audience.

The eyes ofMy true friend(Di Xu) are loving

"My true friend"Fu Xiaoning (Zhang late Italian) can hardly hide his sadness

"My true friend," by Xu Hao, is tangled

My true friend, played by Tian XiWei, is lonely and helpless

The TV series "My true friend" is produced by shaanxi literature investment art & TV co., LTD., and co-produced by China vision entertainment, the vast star film & TV media, and the Chinese language film industry Zhang Silin , producer and chief producer Jia Yi group , scriptwriter mei yingju and other gold team. It is the dedication of actors and creators to build this warm story about the house and the society. The play has been officially finished, how the future results, let us wait and see!

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