Exposure of live stills of angelababy deng lun zhu yi long in my true friend

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Star relationship -Recently, by theAngelababyAngelababy,Deng Lun,Zhu Yi Long,Di XuIn the lead role,Kai Tan,Li Xiaofeng,Xinyi Li,Zhang newest ItalianCo-starring TV seriesMy true friendA series of live stills were exposed, and the three creators studied the script carefully. It is reported that "My true friend" was created by a top behind-the-scenes team. The drama focuses on the real problem of urban residents renting houses and selling houses.

电视剧《My true friend》AngelababyDeng LunZhu Yi Long现场剧照曝光


My true friend focuses on social pain. The real estate agent is the city dreamer.

Angelababy angelabababy andDeng Lunbecome "city dreamers". They sell warm houses and dreams with their sincerity and help everyone who struggles in the city find their own home.And recentlyTown soulThe fieryZhu Yi Longplays a sleek, handsome interior designer who is rational, reserved and self-disciplined.Due to the loss of his father in his youth, he was indifferent to the absence of family, and his design works always tried to be complete and reasonable, ignoring the breath of life. Later, I got to know cheng zhen, a kind and brave person, in the sale of the house. From the beginning of distrust to the end of misunderstanding, I gradually understood the problems in my design and my mother's protection of "home".

电视剧《My true friend》AngelababyDeng LunZhu Yi Long现场剧照曝光

Deng Lun

The producer and chief producerJia Yi group"My true friend" stories and emotions are very real, down-to-earth, and the image style is warm and artistic, according to an interview. The men and women are ordinary "housing agents," and while the men, Ms. Shao, have a background as a "second-generation rich," he and Ms. ChengShinichi TsutsumiLike a down-to-earth start from the grass roots, rely on their own efforts to help others achieve their dreams."My true friend" doesn't have a marissu story, nor does it have an overbearing boss, who warms the city with his ordinary strength in the most ordinary job through two unlabeled young people.

电视剧《My true friend》AngelababyDeng LunZhu Yi Long现场剧照曝光

Zhu Yi Long

"My true friend" cling to hot spots and the need of a better life, focus on new era under the city "real estate" this hot topic, through years of interviews, get a real case, on the premise of ensure the true stories, realize the realistic topic show new upgrades, subject of innovation and profundity of thought is the industry standard.

The TV series "My true friend" is produced by shaanxi wentuo yida film and television co., LTD., and jointly produced by China vision entertainment co., LTD.Zhang SilinDirected byJia Yi groupas producer and producer,Hsiao Ming LiAs the general literary planner, mei yingju acted as the scriptwriter.Angelababyangelabababababy, Deng Lun,Zhu Yi LongandDi Xustarred as the co-stars of Kai Tan, Li Xiaofeng,Xinyi Liand Zhang late Italian. "My true friend" has been started in Shanghai, and is currently in intensive shooting. Please look forward to it.

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