“chinese restaurant 2” is pleased to lift the curtain, and the working model bao bei'er has been highly praised.

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Star connection September 17Hunan TV's "Chinese restaurant 2" is in the air. Bao Bei 'er As the show's flying guest, in the last day of the restaurant work also showed good logistics strength and sense of humor. TheBao Bei 'eris actively proposed with Yang Zishan She swapped jobs and took the time to share her "running the hall" experience, while she retired to be a dishwasher. Although less communication with customers, but the package of jokes in the kitchen continued to play.

At first when the workload is lighter, Bao Bei 'er "show off in an ostentatious manner" washing the dishes, also confident, said: "washing the dishes is not a bit tired" never thought one day after the business, to wash dishes as the storm came, Bao Bei' er moment can't work in hand, arm type self ridicule said to the blessed one, "tomorrow you might want to go to a nearby hospital looking for me." The restaurant was greeted with laughter.

After the first day of operation of the restaurant, many people waited forBao Bei 'erandYang Zishanto finish their work. On a whim, the nostalgic KTV mode was launched at the front desk. Bao Bei'er, as a "young person", only likes to work. Actually enjoy it: "listen to you sing while you wash the dishes. Because of his frequent positive energy phrase, more make the store manager and Alec Su Other people's congress for appreciation, like to mention the "hard work of employees" label.

The good times are always short.Bao Bei 'ersaid goodbye to fu lu shouxi pan at the end of the day's dish washing. The scene is very warm. In the interview,Bao Bei 'eris generous with her praise of the program: "they bring happiness to every diner, but they actually get it through their own efforts and hard work. It is a very happy thing to make others happy.

Bao Bei'er actively communicates with diners, takes care of female guests, is 100% enthusiastic about work, and makes jokes properly to activate the atmosphere. After the two programs, the audience finds his advantages in other aspects besides humor, which is highly praised.

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