Wang ke attended the fashion ceremony with simple and agile texture

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Linkeddb News October 29& have spent Recently, the new generation of flower Dan under the media Wang Ke She was invited to attend a fashion ceremony, a black dress attended the event, she was fashionable and sexy, with young power collision fashion trend, excellent fashion expression let her extremely rich texture, full of energy, gathered together with the public to pay tribute to fashion.

Fashion extravaganza Wang Ke. Jpeg

Wang Ke. Jpeg

Wang Ke attends fashion extravaganza. Jpeg

On the day of the event, Wang Ke wore a black maxi maxi dress and black tie high heels. The high ponytail highlights the texture and youthful vitality, and collides fashion trends with young strength.

Wang Ke. Jpeg

Kind efforts, spontaneous and agile she in the movie" Youth "The" little ballet "part is very impressive. Always can bring surprise to us can be like next will have "grass like love", "red dust 1945", "my heart touch" and so on many film and television drama works to meet us.

Attend fashion events. Jpeg

From fresh to elegant, this treasure girl who let us see the infinite surprise, has grown into a dazzling star, always can create the infinite surprise she steps along the way, this new generation of actress is rapidly growing, future period.

Wang Ke fashion extravaganza. Jpeg

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