Ma Rong's dark night being ridiculed by Uncle Wang Baoqiang

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Ma Rong was shot in the middle of the night by Uncle. The irony was arranged by Wang Baoqiang .

On the night of May 10th, Ma Rong appeared at the airport. She armed herself armed with an ultra-low profile at the airport and was photographed by his grandfather. Late at night: "At half past two in the morning, the grandfather of the Hebei accent is very dedicated. You haven't spent any money! Hot search has also been on, and you haven't paid for this year's promotional expenses! The photo shoot is pretty good. You haven't spent any money! In fact, people in the eye can see that Ma Rong is full of disdain and sarcasm.


Not only that, Ma Rong wrote a self-portrait in the early morning and secretly mocked Wang Baoqiang. He also distributed the article: “Every time a red-eye flight takes a flight and a group of people gather around and shoot, it’s more exciting than seeing big star Wang Baoqiang. Some people, there’s time. To spend money on this matter, it is better to spend more on public welfare, spend time reading books, enrich yourself, and try not to take the gold broom award."


The netizens commented on this: "Ma Rong has time to manage yourself, and ironically Wang Baoqiang, you cannot stop."

In fact, Xiao Bian believes that this uncle is not arranged by Wang Baoqiang. After all, it is fair and honest. Through the Wang Baoqiang divorce incident, everyone will still have a judgment on the character of Ma Rong. The reason why Ma Rong did this was to subvert everyone's opinion of the baby in order to impair his baby's reputation; secondly, he could take the top spot when he was fighting with Wang Baoqiang.


Netizens, how do you see this incident?

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