Forensic qin ming' perfect ending vicky krieps gorgeous metamorphosis acting upgrade

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Star connection September 14Jointly produced by penguin film and juhe film studio and golden shield film and culture center of the ministry of public security, qin Ming was the chief scriptwriter. Zhou Lin Hao Director, jing chao, Wide bangs , Vicky Krieps , deng's, Xiaoqi Ai co-starring Forensic qin Ming survivor (hereinafter referred to as Forensic Qin Ming ") has been a perfect close. In the drama,Vicky Kriepsplays Chen shiyu, a forensic assistant, who follows in the footsteps of her master and follows qin Ming to search for the real murderer and speak for the deceased.

Vicky Krieps's acting debut in forensic details online has been praised

In the drama,Vicky Kriepsplays Chen shiyu, a forensic assistant, helping master qin Ming to solve the case and find out the truth. As an apprentice and assistant of qin Ming, Chen shiyu not only has excellent professional skills, but also has a good command of "blow teacher".Vicky Kriepswith cute looks and professional acting will" こ は ね MAO's tsundere and nifty perfect deduction came out, which was dubbed the title of "protecting fu bao" by netizens. Forensic Qin Ming givesVicky Kriepsher first exposure to the Forensic profession, from the use of anatomical clothing to the skillful use of professional vocabulary. She presents her professional skills and details in the play, which is well received by the audience.

Vicky Krieps presented the three different emotions and attitudes, which made Chen's role more vivid, vivid and full of inspiration. Chen shiyu in the drama gradually became a professional forensic expert, whileVicky Kriepsin the drama also proved to the audience that her title of "acting cute girl" was worthy of it.

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Vicky Krieps's gorgeous transformation changes the image of the play as light as feather

Since her debut,Vicky Kriepshas gained a lot of fans with her vigour and vitality. Her cute little face has become her symbol. While filming Forensic Qin Ming, Vicky Krieps's image in the film has been teased by many netizens for her face swelling caused by endocrine disorders due to high drama volume and long lack of stable sleep. After the shooting, she adjusted her schedule to do a lot of exercise, and successfully lost 20 kg to build a light body and achieve gorgeous transformation.

In addition to remaking her body image,Vicky Kriepsalso surprised viewers with her actions. Acted in the TV series" Great Southwestern "; 2015 starring youth film WhoSleepsMyBro ", was named "the most promising and effective floret Dan"; In the same year in Zhang Yimou The film directed by The Great Wall ".Vicky Kriepsis using her strength to persuade her online friends to give back to her fans. She stars in the teen school idol drama Devil Lord Do not kiss my third quarter It remains to be seen what kind of surprise she will bring to the show.

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