Yutong “ruyi's royal love in the palace” was a hit story, which angered xun zhou and severely punished him.

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Star relations aug 29 news & NBSP;Produced by xinli media, adapted from Lianzi Liu, The novel "harem Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace", Jun Wang, Directed byLianzi Liu,as the scriptwriter. Xun Zhou , Wallace re-arrest -- Yutong Etc. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace It is currently being broadcast on tencent's video, in which actorYutongplays qin li, the head of the house office, who is used to pushing the bottom.

The play tells the story of ruyi and hong li in the court, from love to understanding to lost and broken marriage.Yutongplays the home office chief qin li, the old miyagi, know the set of dishes. In the play, when ruyi finds favor with his court, he pays great attention to ruyi and his court. Every move adds a touch of hilarity to the show while making sure the ice is cold. When qin's boss is punished by Xun Zhou, he makes the audience laugh.

Actor Yutong, a graduate of the Beijing film academy, has appeared in HouseofKamTopples Chen yufang in da Ming palace, guo xingzhen in da Ming palace, The Passion'm 2 years "Li zifang in", in the previous period of the hit show "the runaway" with again Chen Kun Co-star as his big brother, qiao yiying. Its superb acting has been well received both in and out of the industry. This time, "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace" is a hit show. Yutong, as the general manager of qin, is undeterred but pleasant. Let's expect him to have a more wonderful performance in the following plot.

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