Orange age' ultimate trailer 'reveals drama' william chan double identity with ma sichun on 'life and death

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Produced by the magnanimous culture under huatexton, co-produced by the ministry of public security golden shield film and television culture center, Xin Liu, Directed, William Chan , Ma Sichun , Yijun Liu, , Sebrina Chen, , Zuxin Ye , Minghan He Hot blood city hero legendary TV drama Orange age It will premiere on September 17! On May 14, the final trailer and the "orange and red" poster hit the headlines, with the public security team, the "real world" and the drug kingpins making their presence felt. Under the dangerous situation, the people's police and the people work together to break through the encirclement and protect the line of justice. The play will be broadcast on tencent's video, youku video, iQIYI video networks, as well as in the dragon TV Oriental theater and zhejiang satellite TV's China blue theater.

Very profound

William Chan lost the edge of justiceMa Sichunsticks to love and faith

When a young man named liu ziguang (William Chan) suffers a terrible accident in his home, his father dies horribly. Eight years later came back, more than a dozen of skills, but mysteriously lost eight years of memory, suspicious. Having mysterious experiences, liu ziguang wanted to start a new life, but he got involved in some local outlaws. The ultimate trailer hints at Mr. Liu's dual identity: on the one hand, he is an ordinary citizen with a knack for fighting the weak. Undaunted by power and repeatedly frustrated the wiles of lawbreakers by virtue of their superior skills and pure character; On the other hand, the eight years he vanished into thin air were overshadowed by suspected drug kingpins. "Someone shot me, I also fired a gun," liu ziguang disappeared in the memory of what is hidden?

William ChanMa Sichundeduces "life and death love"

A competent police officer, hu rong (Ma Sichun), makes unremitting efforts to trace the truth in the face of liu ziguang's unknown identity. As they got to know each other, hu rong was attracted by liu ziguang's integrity and kindness, but was troubled by his suspicious past. In the latest trailer, liu ziguang has become a suspect who killed hu rong's father. From doubting, testing, understanding, falling in love, to doubting, the ill-fated liu ziguang, the faithful hu rong, their love is different from ordinary couples, experiencing the baptism of life and death, facing the test of good and evil, must be a profound sadomasochistic love. What is liu ziguang's relationship with hu rong's father's sacrifice? It's the mystery that most concerns the audience.

Liu ziguang (William Chan) as hu rong (Ma Sichun) killed his father's suspect

Suspense packed

Desire to roll up the heavy fog of the public security heroes to save the dangerous situation

In the poster of "orange and red in all forms" released this time, the public security team, "the real way", and the drug kingpin group are presented respectively. The "real world" camp, represented by Liu ziguang, is happy to sit in a barbecue shop run by several brothers. The police, represented by hu rong, are in the presence of the police station.

Orange age - combination poster - police version

Orange age - combination poster - drug Lord edition

In addition to the male leading role of liu zi, a number of old cast bones cast the role for this "jiangbei fengyun" many. As he returned to the north of the river, a new drug called angel began to be traded surreptitiously. In the final trailer, nie wanfeng and mei jie ( Heidi Wong, Act the role ofing), Lisa ( Jing Hu, ) and hou sihai ( Ren Zhengbin The three of them take risks for the sake of prosperity, and even regard others' lives as nothing. And hu's father hu yuejin ( Wu Gang ), song jianfeng ( Guoqiang Feng Han jin (Minghan He) and other representatives of the public security forces, the rapid response, the first time to set up a task force to track suspects without any clues. In search of clues, he went deep into the enemy's camp regardless of his own safety. He stood firmly on the bottom line of the legal system and fought against the black evil forces to the end.

Orange age - combination poster - barbeque edition

Facing the complicated and complicated cases and the crafty criminals, the heroes of the public security police work away from each other and get closer to the truth through the heavy fog. Under the support of several excellent actors,Orange ageshows the courage of the public security forces in the new era.

Have a boiling passion

Black and white against the police and the people in one heart to promote a new era of great righteousness

Show as a hero of the heroic spirit of the work, theOrange age"follow" good police story, good public security sound, shape police hero "of the creation principle, and based on this a step further:" is not only to speak good police story, to a youth full of vital qi and bear more Liu Ziguang, hand in photograph reflect public security hero and portraits of the new age people positive energy."

William Chan and Zuxin Ye Wang Ge Make up "BBQ brothers"

Liu ziguang, a grassroots youth, and good friends li wan (Sebrina Chen), bei xiaoshuai (Zuxin Ye), zhuo li (Wang Ge), Li Jianguo ( Tonghui Wang ), Arthur ( Ye Liu, Act) to help each other, see injustice stand up, see evil forces brave struggle. Even uncle guo ( Jianyi Li In the face of the young bully is not afraid, speak up.Orange ageelevates the pattern to a social perspective. When fighting against the criminal forces, there are not only the heroes of the public security who take the lead, but also the ordinary people who maintain the sincerity of justice. To convey the concept of social peace and harmony needs the people and the police to maintain together and express the call for the truth, kindness and beauty.Orange agepromotes the justice and responsibility of young people in the new era with vivid details. Based on the reality, it innovatively integrates multiple types, and the rich elements make the series climax repeatedly. It is a wonderful work reflecting the social grandeur and righteousness.

Yijun Liu plays drug Lord nie wanfeng

Sebrina Chen plays li - wan kuaiyu chasing liu ziguang

Han jin, played by Minghan He, presents a new generation of public security talent

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