Ashura' "Day of Heaven" premiere of the battle of justice opened

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On July 9, 2018, the film " Ashulu " was held in the Academic Report Hall of the People's Daily to "certify the new height of Chinese film - "Ashura" Tianjie premiere conference." Film producer Hong Tao Yang, producer/producer Yang Zhen Kam, director Pang Ho-cheung, chief plan Zhou Yaping with actors Lei Wu , Liang Jiahui , Carina Lau , Zhang Yishang , Jia-yi Feng , Ming Dao , kiki Tuka attended the event. In this activity, the movie "Ashulu" revealed for the first time that the battle of the three kings of Ashura's attacking the sky was the "war of heartbreak" that "destroyed the human heart and love". Zhou Yaping, the chief planner, further revealed that the fight against the sky was “heart-to-heart” and bluntly stated that “Ashulu’s superior weather and grounding gas” are “the culmination of the imagination products of China’s more than one hundred years of film history”. On July 13, the curtain of the summer hottest justice was officially opened.


Ashura Wang Wei Why do you want to fight the sky?

The movie "Ashuro" covers the six realms, the heavens, the Ashura, the human world, the World of Warcraft, the spirit of the spirit and the purgatory. Among them, the heavens dominate the "natural law" of the life cycle of the cycle of good and evil, and in the world of Ashura, the three heads of Ashura believe in the law of life cycle of "the desire is supreme." The Ashura people firmly believe that "the stronger the desire, the more material and spiritual wealth can be obtained." Among the six realms, life follows the "natural law" cycle of the heavens. The act of Ashura Wang Wei is destined to circulate to the ruined abyss of purgatory, in order to become king forever, and the six kings are kings, he It is necessary to do the act of hitting the sky, destroying the "law of nature" and pushing the "law of desire" to the six realms. A hundred years ago, King Ashura failed to attack the sky, and the head of the three-headed insight circulated to the human world. In this film, the three heads of the king wanted to find the head of the insight and fit it together to launch the battle against the sky. Unfold a series of stories that subvert the imagination. After the live broadcast of the press conference, the three heads of Ashura, Lei Wu, Liang Jiahui and Carina Lau, said that the king of Ashura was evil, but there was also humanity. I hope everyone will see the film and then make a final conclusion. For the visual effect of this film, Lei Wu said that it was “very shocking”. Carina Lau said frankly that “after watching the notice, the goose bumps were straightened”, and Liang Jiahui even shouted “visual shock, never miss it”.

What is the rebels doing?

In the world of Ashura, there are still people who believe in the "natural laws" of the cycle of good and evil. Unwilling to be honored by the Ashura community, the "law of desire". They formed a rebel army to fight against King Ashura. The rebels are the few people in the Ashura world who have good and loving hearts. Compared with the mighty King Ashura and the powerful Asus Jun Luo team, the rebels The fighting strength is not worth mentioning, but for them, what is truly precious is the persistence of good love, which is the persistent heart of thousands of people. The announcement of this release can show that the rebels and the Ashura Jun Luo team fought several times in the movie, not afraid of death, only to protect the heavens. Ruyi as the head of the King of Ashura, after witnessing the violent acts of King Ashura, resolutely chose to abandon the identity of the king to join the rebel army, defend the heavens and guard the good thoughts in the heart.

The backbone of the rebel camp on the scene tells oneself about their identity and the reason for the rebellion. "General" Zhang Yishang, "logistics" Ming Dao, and "repulsive" kiki, Tuca, formed a barrier to prevent King Ashura, and also let the audience feel the determination of the rebels to protect the heavens. Jia-yi Feng Although he was under the command of King Ashura, he yelled at the press conference and bluntly said that he was good at making evil.

What day is it?

From ancient China to the present, almost all the stories in heaven have always been upgraded versions of the world. The heavens are very strict, and the gods and immortals are also very popular. Even many immortals are punished for obeying the good love in their hearts, which greatly annihilates the good love in human nature. At this press conference, producer and producer Yang Zhen Kam admitted that the setting of the heavens broke the tradition of the past and became the embodiment of all good and love, that is, the "source of love." Heaven is the collection of the inner goodness and love of all the people in the world. The good deeds of each soul will not dissipate, but will be gathered somewhere in the universe and become the shelter of all kind people, leading to goodness. Yang Zhen Kam said that the Tianjie setting has also been praised by the world filmmaker Sony's visual effects director, saying that this is a great contribution made by Oriental movies to the world's movies. Although the settings are good, the presentation has become a problem. Director Pang Ho-cheung said: "In order to make this setting perfect, the main creative staff met several times and discussed it several times. Finally, it was selected to be presented in the form of light and shadow. Using six large LED screens to create love heaven, research and development software, shooting Although the system is difficult, but after the image is finally presented, the main team is satisfied."

Playing the sky is destroying people's hearts.

Under this new setting of heaven, King Ashura’s move to heaven seems to destroy the tangible heavens, but in reality it is to destroy the invisible hearts. As the head of the desire of King Ashura, Liang Jiahui also bluntly stated at the press conference that King Ashura is a human being. Fighting the sky is to attack the true, the good and the beautiful in the human heart. Those who do bad things will inevitably be punished. At the scene, he also laughed at Carina Lau, the head of the strategy of King Ashura, saying that when you watch a movie, don't cry because you are destroying the truth, the goodness and the beauty. When people's memories of good and love disappear, the original desire to drive is the only criterion for judging the pros and cons of gains and losses. The "law of nature" will not break, and the corresponding "law of desire" will lead the whole world, everyone. Driven by desires, but also confined by endless desires, peace and happiness in the heart will cease to exist.

The battle of justice is on the verge

The three heads of King Ashura represent desires, strategies, and insights. When the head of desire and the head of strategy were eager to be eternal kings a hundred years ago, the head of insight realized that good love is eternal, and would rather die than fight. This time, the three heads once again fit together, and the battle against the sky is also the civil war between the three heads of King Ashura. It is a battle for heart attack. The king of Ashura, who coexisted with desire and good love, coexisted with the heavens or was annihilated, and the battle of justice was on the verge. At the press conference, when talking about the battle of justice, Lei Wu frequently prevented Zhang Yishang from “spoiler”. It is obvious that the ending is difficult to predict, and it will only be revealed when the film is released.

It is reported that Hong Tian Yang, the president of Ningxia Film Group, is the chief producer, Yang Zhen Kam is the producer and producer, and Pang Ho-cheung is the director's fantasy film "Ashulu", by Ningxia Film Group and Zhenjian Film Industry. R&D, and jointly esteem the media, Dongyang Small Universe, Dadi Movie, Golden Horse Fund, Zongheng Music, Film and Television, Yanhua Media, 36th Culture, Jitai Film, Media, Spring Film, Muyiyuan Media, Zhongke Particles, Bojiang Film, Youni Film, Microfilm Times, Entertainment Culture, Haoren Yuantai·Dejia Culture, Ningxia Guotou Group, Baoyu Jiangshan Venture Capital, Xiangyi Yingshi, Story Ma Yingye Investment Lei Wu, Liang Jiahui, Carina Lau, Zhang Yishang, Jia-yi Feng, Ming Dao, kiki, Duobujie , and Tuka will appear on July 13th, 2018.

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